As most of the world begins to crawl out from being in lockdown and isolation it can be hard to figure out what direction to take next. How do you create the momentum to focus on your goals and reboot your dreams? It feels like trying to clean up after a huge storm- Right? Parts of what you once knew have been blasted to bits, others parts scattered about and nothing feels like it once did. Not only is it overwhelming trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces, but its also a huge mental load to carry around if we don’t take time to figure out what it is we want to achieve this year.

Just because someone hit the huge pause button doesn’t mean that you give up hope or put your dreams on ice because it all feels too hard. Now more than ever is the time to re-group, reboot and refocus.

3 easy ways to focus on your goals and reboot your dreams

focus on your goals

Commit To A Morning Routine

One of the greatest gifts that came out of lock-down was that it gave us the opportunity to try on new morning routines. See what made us feel good about ourselves and help us start out the day with energy and focus. For me, it still is and always will be morning meditation and exercise. I know for myself the days I hang out in my dressing gown till late and don’t get my butt moving are the days my energy is low and my mood to match.

What morning routine did you discover over the last few weeks energised you and lifted your mood? What actions did you take? Commit to them for the next 6 months and at the end of the year, I’ll be waiting to hear how amazing you feel and all you have achieved, by having a steadfast energising morning routine.

Write Out Your Goals

Every morning write out your goals and dreams as if you have already achieved them. It’s one of the foundational ideas in the Messy Mum’s Playbook because it works. Writing out your goals and dreams help you organise your thoughts (goodbye brain-fog) and help you decide what to focus on in your day. Take 5 minutes out every morning and write out all your goals and dreams as if they have already been achieved and you will begin to feel clear and on purpose. If it helps pretend you are the star of a movie and that movie is your life.

Make A Vision Board

I know that you may feel some resistance to this idea (I did for ages) because it feels like something a teenager would do or that Pinterest mum who has ALL her shit together. But vision boards work. They help to remind you of what you are working towards and help you re-align yourself to your goals and dreams. Your life will not magically turn out the way you want it without a daily reminder of what is it you want to achieve and the kind of person you want to become. I hang mine in the bathroom because It’s the first place I go in the morning and last place I go before bed. So soaking myself in what I’m working towards helps me create focus and energy.

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