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Are you ready to stop the self-love struggle?

would you love to create balance, motivation and clear boundaries?


mum guilt

As a busy mum you juggle a lot of different balls and at times feel stretched-thin or caught up in the overwhelm of your mental workload.

You might be feeling: 

depleted...anxious...uninspired, stuck or just really bored by the sameness of every day (work juggle, endless taxi driving, cooking, cleaning, clothes to fold - just to name a few) 

and you may feel...

-like your goals and dreams have been stuck in the attic to wither away.

you Want to feel different!

You want to feel vibrant, hopeful, healthy, strong, energised and elevated - Right?

You want to remember what it feels like to be


It's time to kick-start your return to self-love

Join me in the 5-day self-love challenge

What to expect:

Every day over 5-days you will receive an email from me with the days challenge video and self love soul sheet  👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

We guarantee 100% privacy

"I think of Angela as a super-charged, life-saving battery. Once you plug into her inspiration, and gifts you’ll know exactly what I mean.  Do yourself a favour and join the 5-Day Challenge you will love it” - Erin CA


You deserve a little you-time for self-care.

You deserve to smile for no reason, and...

You deserve to live your best life surrounded by those you love.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the 5-day self-love challenge - Ang x

We guarantee 100% privacy


Angela Firefly is a transformation mindset coach, author, educator and mum of three who has the blisters of life’s challenges...and t-shirt to match. Combining her passion for exercise psychology, mindset coaching, nutrition, success habits and life mastery, Angela founded the Firefly Tribe and Firefly Academy which empowers women to RISE up and achieve their goals and live a life is success and freedom.

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