I’m not sure about you but when I don’t have energy I can very easily step into negative habits. My self-talk can turn negative, I am more prone to comparing myself to others and…

I become snappy and grumpy. I find it hard to feel satisfied and able to try new things like start my business, create the product, put myself “out there”, get myself to the gym… be present in my daily life. In short, when my energy is low instead of becoming unstoppable in the pursuit of living my best life…I just feel flat and defeated before I even begin. So with that in mind here are 5 kickass habits to improve your energy that you can put into place this week and create almost instant transformation.

5 Kickarse Habits To Improving Your Energy 

Aim to get more sleep

I know this seems simple, however, it can also feel hard right. We can be pulled away from the comfort of our bed by things like social media, TV or even work. However to increase your energy you need to get more shut-eye. It’s not called beauty sleep for a reason. More sleep makes you more beautiful energetically inside and out.

Create 30 minutes of “you” time a week

As a mum I understand that this feels like a superhuman effort but..it matters. You are only as good as a woman, mum, friend, person, employee or employer as your energy. Can’t give what you haven’t got right? By creating weekly bouts of “you” time will completely change how you feel. And the better you feel the more unstoppable you become and the more energised you feel. Do things that you love, that make you happy and feel good.

Eat more fruits and veggies

They say that we should have 5 servings of fruit and veg a day. I like to think about it like eating a rainbow a day. It’s been proven that the quality of food we eat affects our energy. The more vibrant and light the food we eat is the more vibrant, light and radiant we are. Now that screams of amazing energy.


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Habits To Improving Your Energy
Habits To Improving Your Energy

Organise yourself the night before

Is there anything more energy-draining than running around like a blue arsed fly first thing in the morning? Hardly, so try getting as much as you can set up the night before. Get lunch done the night before for you and your kiddos if you have them. Lunch bags are packed and ready to go in the fridge. 

Organise your clothes the night before, even put out your exercise clothes and get your kickass playlist ready the night before. I even have my coffee cup and vitamins ready to go on the bench the night before. The fewer decisions and less running around you have to do in the morning the more energised you will feel throughout your day.

Set technology boundaries

Ohhh …did part of you shake on the inside? I know technology plays a mega part in our lives, however, if you are feeling like you don’t have energy it’s probably because your technology is depleting you. Try instead turning off your social media notifications. Yes, no more red circle telling you so-and-so likes your cat photo. You can totally have a set time to check out your posts likes and comments, this is about you feeling amazing. 

Have a phone-free lunch, instead enjoy your food perhaps engage in a real conversation or simply enjoy your surroundings. Set aside one or two times a day when you check your emails (firm boundaries sister). These small tweaks will see you have more energy and feel less pulled away from enjoying life that is currently whizzing past.

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