Self-love is more than bubble baths or the occasional day spa visit. Self-love is a commitment to taking care of yourself, taking care of your physical body, mental body and spiritual body. There are 5 ways to instantly love yourself more.

True self-love is the commitment to putting these three bodies’ health and nurturing before all else so that we can be of higher service to those we love and be in alignment to receive intuited guidance that serves us to reach our highest potential and purpose. 

The more you cultivate love of yourself the easier it is to stamp out judgment, fear and low vibrational habits and feelings. As challenging as self-love can feel, these 5 ways will instantly help you to love yourself more.

5 ways to instantly love yourself more

Way One: Recognise and reconnect to yourself 

It’s important to recognise how important self-love is and set the intention to love yourself. Self-love starts by allowing yourself to love yourself for where you are, where you have been and where you are heading. 

A great practice to start is with mirror work. Set yourself a timer and for 2 minutes look at yourself in the eyes and say out loud. I see you, I love you, I accept you … I forgive you. 

Way Two: Notice your thoughts 

Gently start noticing your thoughts. Intentionally hear and quieten down the voice of your inner critic or inner mean girl. You know that voice who repeatedly telling you you’re not good enough or worthy enough. We all have that voice and you can turn the volume down so that you come back to the truth that you are perfect exactly as you are. 

So notice your thoughts. When they come up (and they will) let them go. You can imagine you are writing them on a leaf and putting them in a stream to be washed away. Or you can write these thoughts down and burn them. Each time they come up, with love remind yourself you are worthy and good enough.

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Way Three: Lean into the present moment 

To connect to love is to connect to the present moment. No matter what you are doing, take the time to relish the moment. Notice the water running over you in the shower. Feel the steering wheel in your hands when driving. Notice the air on your face as you walk outside. Lean into the present moment and breathe in love. 

Way Four: Notice when you’re not loving yourself 

Pay attention to your habits, behaviours, the people and objects you surround yourself with. Notice what drags your vibration down, what makes you feel heavy. What are you holding onto that’s keeping you stuck.  What are you doing that’s keeping you from moving forward?

Replace these with habits, behaviours, people and objects (think what you wear and what you surround yourself with) that raise your energy and vibrations. 

Way Five: Commit to taking action 

Commit yourself to taking the actions you know will get you closer to living the life you would love. Action instantly dissolves doubt, action creates confidence and with each action, you take the closer you get to getting all you want. 

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