Are you suffering from the feeling of burn-out?

There are 6 reasons you are suffering from burn-out and today sister we are going to figure out which of the 6 reasons are yours.

The feeling of Burn out is 100% real, it makes getting out of bed hard. It makes smiling at your kids/partner at 5:30pm hard, it makes your day feel extra long and increase the mother guilt.

Feeling burn-out also affects how you sleep, how and what you eat, your weight, how you turn up to your job.

It affects everything!

Here are 6 Reasons you are Suffering from Burn-out


1 : You aren’t doing things your passionate about and love to do

2 : You’re surrounding yourself with people that drag you down

3 : Too quick to say YES! Most of us step into overwhelm daily because we’re quick to say yes to the demands of others. You’ve got to tighten those boundaries baby – Embrace the NO ;-)

4: The media you are following is dragging you down and feeds your inner mean girl/boy and increases the negative head talk

 5: There is no celebration. You are not getting recognition from others or validating your wins 

 6: You are bored out of your brains –  Probably the most dangerous of all!

How to Overcome Burn-out as a Busy Woman


Here is what to do to go from burn out to rock’in life, motherhood and generally not feeling like crap by 5:30 pm.

1. Look at which of the 6 you’re suffering from burn-out above, which of them speaks to you…


 Take the steps you need to change them.

 2. Join a group of people that Inspire you (join us in the Firefly Tribe)

3. Stop whining, seriously the more you complain the worse you will feel and that is only going to strengthen the legs on burn-out


4. Slow down even just a little each day ie. Instead of rushing from one job or thing to the next, walk slower, drive slower, instead go coffee on the go , sit down and drink it from the china cup that someone has to wash (that’s a great thought), take time to look at the sky #smelltheroses that is what life has to offer you in the moment.

Everything will still be there waiting for you that I can promise.

✨5. Take 5 minutes a day to day-dream – Start visualising your goals, visualising how you want your day to be and feel.  Visualise the end of your day feeling fulfilled and still with energy in the tank for you ( if you find this hard download my Visualisation Tool Kit here, it’s FREE!!)


These are the questions I ask myself when I feel like I’m on the slippery slope to burn-out and the exact questions my clients use inside the Firefly Academy now they are yours to help you free yourself and start living a life you love  

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