Do you know the warning signs of burnout? When you are a busy woman running around doing “all” the things trying your hardest to stay on top of life’s ever-increasing demands and expectations avoiding burn-out almost in itself feel like a gold-winning sport. But there are warning signs. 

These warning signs of burn-out often get drowned out by our kids’ needs …our work wants and your favourite Netflix series that you absolutely must watch! Am I right…it surely wasn’t just me who needed to binge watch Firefly Lane – Right? 

So because I want you to enjoy your family, work annndd catch up on the latest Netflix series I thought it best that I give you the 6 warning signs of burnout before they come to bite you on the butt and turn you into…” There is never enough sleep, coffee or chocolate” grouchy queen.

6 Warning Signs Of Burnout


Trouble Sleeping

You’re tossing and turning, finding that your body can’t seem to get comfortable or you keep waking up over and over again thinking…thinking…thinking.

Your mean girl is shouting at you

We all have that voice within who loves to remind us of past failures or of all the possibilities of flop and failure. I call her my inner mean girl. Generally in my world she likes to tell me I’ll fail…that I’m not good enough and that “YES” I do have a big butt. However if you are noticing that your thoughts are more or mainly negative than this girlfriend is a warning sign of burn-out

Headaches, Body aches, Nausea 

This is the warning sign where everything aches. It normally starts with just one body part hurting and then quickly takes over your body until you feel like you have been hit like a truck after a bad case of food poisoning. Check in how do you feel physically? 


warning signs of a burnout
the warning signs of burnout

Overwhelming feeling of not being good enough

This is when your inner mean girl teams up with your entire itty-bitty-shitty committee. At this point it almost feels like you are completely inadequate. Which FYI is not true. You’re just in need of self-care and rest.

Difficulty focusing on your normal routine

This phase feels like aliens have taken over your brain. You put the milk in the cupboard and the toast in the oven. Or (and please don’t tell me I’m alone) you forget to pick your kid up from wherever they are. It’s almost like space monkey aliens have taken over and even everyday tasks that you do everyday feel hard to focus on and remember.

You feel numb or empty

This is the warning sign that is in neon writing. If you feel empty, if you are finding it hard to experience moments of joy then it’s time to clear your schedule and nap, rest…bless your body with good food and even get some sunshine and fresh air. 

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