We’ve all heard that to start manifesting your dreams and desires you must match the vibration of what it is you want. The secret to the Law Of Attraction is to create feelings of what you desire and become an energetic match.

But how the heck do you do that? Well, thanks for asking because I am about to give you 7 Law Of Attraction hacks to start manifesting your dreams that you can use anywhere anytime to be an energetic match to your dreams.

First let me explain your energy and how it affects your life, and your manifestation muscle.


Let’s take a trip down memory lane to that time you went to the world’s worst family dinner. Maybe your brother was being a royal pain in the tush, Uncle Rob kept picking his teeth at the table and your cousins best mate (that you still don’t understand why he was invited, who by the way makes your skin crawl) kept giving you “the look” … You know the kind of dinner right?

The kind of dinner where you wish the ground would open up and swallow you or that your best friend had some kind of major drama that you “just had” to run and help.

Now that you’re here at the dinner table with me (welcome) how do you feel?

Do you feel tired from keeping up happy appearances? Peed off because you were probably missing out on your favourite Netflix special or frustrated because this is the last place you wanted to be, yet here you are to keep the peace.

Are you feeling those feels? ?


This energy is pretty negative and crappy, which is why everything from then generally either gets crappier, harder or more frustrating. Why? because my friend you have matched the energy of that crappy, hard, frustrating and irritating dinner, so you will attract more of it up until you switch your energy output.

You have used the Law Of Attraction to manifest a crappy mood and more crappy experiences.? ?

Now, Let’s take a different trip. Imagine that you are watching the cutest cat video on Youtube, remembering meeting your first love, getting your car license or having your first child. Remember those feels? ???

Notice how you can create the energy of freedom, love, happiness and gratitude. And as a result, your day will be filled with more experiences that match this feeling.


The secret to manifesting using the Law Of Attraction is to be the energetic match of the goals and desires you want to manifest. Become that which you desire.

7 Law Of Attraction Hacks To Manifesting Your Dreams


1: Let the music move you

Music has its own energy that changes how we feel, it moves us from where we are to a completely different energetic feeling. Think about it if you listen to sad love songs you may remember a bad breakup. If you listen to Alanis Morrisette you feel moved to hate on men (isn’t it ironic) if you listen to your favourite band that you loved when you felt carefree you feel…CAREFREE!

I always invite Firefly Academy members to create a kick-butt playlist that makes to feel strong, empowered, happy, joyous, sexy, alive. This is you meeting the energy of what you want so that you can quickly manifest your dreams.

2: Move Your Bootie.

Move. Move. Move. I happen to love the gym as an ex Aerobics instructor and gym junkie this ALWAYS gets me out of a funk. However, the gym might not be for you, find how you love to move your body and do it daily!


3: Eat well, eat the colours of the rainbow

Eat fresh fruit, vegetables, good protein sources daily plus drink plenty of water. This will instantly make you feel lighter, more vibrant and give you more energy to keep ongoing. Think about it rainbows are beautiful and magical. Eat a rainbow and you too feel beautiful and magical.

4: Make sleep a spiritual practice.

Never feel guilty for needing to nap (and Andrew my gorgeous hubby stop laughing, I’m learning) Napping, having a full 8 hours sleep is your body and minds ULTIMATE reset button. Having good quality sleep, napping or even taking a few minutes to meditate will help you match the ease and freedom you crave from your dreams.

5: Breathe baby breathe.

In all the programs I teach and create I always have loads of breathing exercises in them. Why? Because changing your breathing pattern interrupts what your body is doing in that moment and allows you to come back into the present so you can choose how you want to feel next.

Remember feeling is everything when you are using the Law Of Attraction to start manifesting your dreams.

Habits To Improving Your Energy


6: Journal / Write out your dreams as if

I love the practice of writing my dreams and goals down in the present tense. I call it writing my reality. Every day to start my day I write down 10 things I’m grateful for in my life and then I write down the dreams and goals I’m wanting to manifest as if they have happened.

This totally changes my energy. I’m normally left feeling inspired, more confident and resilient by the end of the 10 minutes this takes. This practice has you matching your energy to that of your dreams. Stirring up the Law Of Attractions secret sauce, Shaking Up Your Greatness.

7: Use Visualisation to amp up your manifestation powers

Spend a few minutes a day visualising and imagining you living the life you’re wanting to create. I love to do this when I’m writing my reality when I’m in the kitchen using my dream jar and just before I drift off to sleep I play the movie of my dream life in my head. Ohhh sweet dreams ??


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