Your a few weeks into your self-isolation and quarantine. You’re doing your best to remember it’s okay to not feel okay right now but you would love to create new 7 Quarantine self-care habits.

Habits that help you through the parts of the day that drag on.and.on like the movie “The Never Ending Story”. Self-care habits that help centre your energy into the present moment.

Self-care activities that make you feel calm, relaxed and help you pass the time so that when you come out of self-isolation and quarantine you will be a better version of yourself.

I know during these uncertain times in our home we have had to navigate many different emotions on a daily basis. It almost feels like we are stuck in the worlds weirdest rollercoaster with no end.

First, there is the breaking free of the brain-fog that is trying to figure out what day of the week it is.

Popping through the boredom bubble of “what to do” trapped in this never-ending isolation story and then a tinge of sadness as we ponder the uncertainty as to when this all ends.

I have gathered together the self-care habits that will help you and your family navigate these uncertain times, and pop out of this period of quarantine stronger, calmer and more resilient than ever before.

7 Quarantine self-care habits


By far the hardest thing to do especially when we are used to moving around our world fast. Practice standing still and using breathing exercises. Start with a 3-minute session and work up from there


Even thou you can’t sit across the table at your favourite coffee shop to catch up with friends and family you can have virtual coffee dates. Video calling is your new avenue to connect with family and friends. Check out house party, zoom, skype and even facetime.

Choose kindness

We are all in this together and somedays we lose our cool and become grumpy maybe even angry at everything. That’s ok. Show yourself and those you are sharing self-isolation and quarantine with kindness and compassion.


Validate your feelings. They are all real. Grab a journal or exercise book and daily write down your thoughts and feelings. Let it go. Bring them to light and out from clouding your mind and increasing your brain fog and feelings of overwhelm.

Find a relaxing hobby

I heard recently that we are all going to come out of our quarantine either buffer, more talented or more beautiful. Why can’t you be all of these and have picked up that hobby that you never had the time to learn – hello macrame pot plant holders.

Take daily info detox

Limit how much information you consume. Notice what drags you down and also notice what lifts you up and inspires you. Read. Make books your new best friends.

Daily find gratitude and joy

The quickest way to shift a mood is to step into gratitude and joy. Look out for things to be grateful for in your day, it could even be feeling the warm sun on your cheeks. Daily create pockets of joy.

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