Is controlling your emotions hard?


I have a mum confession to make…It’s not pretty, it’s not something you would frame, it’s not something most people walk around telling others. Here goes …(deep breathe)

I am a control freak!

I can’t say I’m in remission or that I am cured because it’s part of who I am, and daily I am learning how to control your emotions (yes I see the irony)

Before I learnt how to control my emotions as a control freak, my emotions were everywhere. Up and down, round and round. I could flip from loving the moment to freaking the heck out because the thing I wanted to happen didn’t go as planned. And the busier my life became with kids and work the harder it became. I would feel drained of energy

Does this sound familiar? Are you feeling tired most days because of your own roller coaster of emotions?

Here is my busy mums guide on how to control my emotions when you are triggered. I teach this almost daily to clients and I use it hourly if I’m honest, as a busy working mum.

P.S. I don’t always get it right and either will you and that’s ok.

How to control my emotions

Notice the physical signs you have when you’re triggered:

Once you can start to notice the physical signs of being triggered you begin to set yourself free and feel greater ease and better able to respond instead of reacting from fear.

Having a good sense of emotional awareness and how your body is signalling to you the signs that you are out of alignment, you get the chance to change the habits that aren’t supporting you in living your best life.

Physical Signs you’ve been triggered:

▫ Clenched teeth
▫️ Shoulders and neck tense up
▫️ Unease in the stomach
▫️ Tightness in the back of the scalp
▫️ Lower back pain
▫️ Clenched fists

We feel a greater pressure to achieve or “be perfect” especially when we are raising a family. Take time to notice what you feel in your body when you get triggered and emotional.

Noticing your bodies reaction helps you take back your power and gain control of emotions before they totally take control of your – body, mind and soul.

Be the watcher of your thoughts:

Notice your thoughts. Are you stuck in negativity or fear? Noticing your thoughts is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It allows you to create perspective and the space to decide “How you want to feel” instead of the emotions and negative thoughts taking control of you.

Every time we allow our emotions to take over we give away our own personal power and ability to experience happiness or even understanding at the moment. Once you notice how your body is signalling for you to take a step back, also take time to listen to your thoughts without judgement.

Take back your power and control with your breath:

Our breath and what we think are the only two things we can control. If you notice that when your emotions are running the show, take a moment to breathe in and out with full deep breathes. Breathing helps to regulate the nervous system and allows you to ground your energy of the fear that gets all stirred up when we are emotionally triggered.

Emotions like guilt, jealousy, anger, shame and judgement are all fear-based emotions. Often stemming from the belief that we are not good enough. We can begin to change this limiting belief by taking back our power through breathe.

Step into forgiveness:

Forgiveness allows us the energy to free ourselves of the emotional roller coaster and helps us enjoy more of our lives. And whilst it can seem simple, it is also hard. It can feel hard to forgive others and ourselves when we have been wronged or have wronged others, however, to forgive means to let go of the past and come back to the present moment and be gifted to choose your next emotion or feeling.

I like to place my hand on my heart, take control of my breath and say “ I love myself, I forgive myself, I now set myself free”. I then imagine white light is passing through the top of my head and streaming down my body and out my toes. Creating a channel of light and easing the fear-based energy and calming my heart and mind.”

Choose again

I first learnt this method through Abraham Hicks. The ability to choose a different emotion other than the one we are currently swept up in so that we feel in greater alignment with our true nature, our purpose and environment.

How we work this method is through a little self-questioning

“How do I feel at this moment?”
“How would I like to feel instead?”
“What can I think of now or believe in now that will help me feel how I want to feel?”

Then take the intuitive guidance you receive. This guidance may come in a song, as a nudge, a thought, a person… the ways are limitless, our job is to be open to receive ad then action the guidance

Soon enough using these steps you will begin to feel lighter and, dare I say it, back “in control”. There is no perfect and practising this method of controlling your emotions will help you feel lighter, more confident and happier in any challenge. – Ang x

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