A little more about me. The mum on the left was the old me. Someone who would force a smile pretending everything was ok to keep others happy. When really deep down I was unhappy, bitter and filled with anger and sadness. I felt lost without direction and could not find a way to quieten my mind of the self-doubt and mind-clutter that kept me awake at night or raiding the pantry for a sweet fix to make me feel better.

Then came the day that I drew a line in the sand faced my fears, decided enough was enough. So I faced my fears, took steps forward to changing my beliefs, my energy and how I saw and more importantly believed in myself. It should be noted that there were also plenty of steps backwards and more than a few ugly tears she. However…

These days my smile is genuine. I back myself 100% when pursuing new goals and passions and daily show other women how they too can quieten down their own mind and inner voice of doubt so they to can THRIVE, love themselves and achieve their goals – no matter how big they are.

Now it’s time for you to draw your line in the sand

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