I’m a working mum to two girls and a boy. I am the best selling author of The Messy Mum’s Playbook, kick-arse coach, plus I never met a chocolate that I didn’t love.

I love to hang out in my activewear, I’m a movement freak (ex aerobics instructor – haha)  and lover of loud music. I also love to spend my day’s creating life-changing tools for my community of mums and clients, drink hot coffee, have a chat and…


I’m also your secret weapon to creating a life you love




Like me, you’ve likely experienced some mega hurdles and pain in your past. You’ve had moments when you probably felt that you weren’t worthy enough, smart enough or deserving enough to have big dreams and goals.

You may even have considered giving up altogether – I know I almost have many times

After having my third child within 12 months after my second ( a child with special needs), I was suffering from depression, anxiety caught in a tornado of negative thoughts and feelings.

However, I stuffed them down like I thought I was supposed to and just got on with life (unhappy and resentful). And then I discovered my husband’s affair and everything changed.

I saw different specialists and even tried different medication and herbs. Whilst they helped for a little while NOTHING was more life-changing and powerful as the life mastery tools and kick-arse strategies I learnt and implemented into my life.

It took strength and a lot of tissues but man-o-man I am so pleased I took the leap of faith.


Now my passion is to help women create a life they love— with more confidence, more money, more love, more clients, more opportunities, or more free time to spend cuddling those they love on the lounge


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I also have a few qualifications up my sleeve 




Still need a friend? Here’s more of my story;


I once felt forgotten in my marriage and more like a bystander in my own life, putting all my dreams on ice for “someday*.

I would hide my unhappiness behind being busy, overworking and people-pleasing. (because I thought that that was what I was meant to do)

The result wasn’t pretty – I was frustrated, irritated, overwhelmed and stuck in a never-ending cycle of doubt and anxiety. (A red hot emotional mess if I’m honest)

But through using brain science, mindfulness techniques, some Law Of Attraction work and transformational psychology I rewired my thinking patterns, moved beyond the stories and beliefs holding me back and learnt some kick-arse life mastery strategies that changed  EVERYTHING!


SO! As a mum, I know that life often sweeps us up and turns things upside down. It can be hard to navigate the onslaught of emotions and quieten down the mind alone. It’s the reason Ido what I do, so no woman gets left behind struggling.

After working with women for over 20 years helping them achieve their goals and realise their dreams I have developed some of the best working, easy kick-arse tools, strategies to help you get the results you want.


What a hectic photo, haha. Moving on;



You will probably find me sipping a coffee (which I love hot and strong, just like my men!) or running my kids around and dreaming of ways I can help other women become unbelievably confident, calm and empowered so that they too achieve their goals and dreams.


Wanna know what brings me joy?


Making people feel, own and celebrate their enough-ness and feel less alone… Because sometimes the journey to achieving goals and dreams gets bloody lonely and our closest friends are Cadbury, caffeine and glass of wine.

If I can be the one who hands out the permission slips in your household I would look you in the eye and say: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is doubting you and all you can be, do and have… then I’ll consider my job done!


Are you ready to bust some old beliefs, breakup with your inner critic and start today to live your best life?


You can – with the right tools.

That’s what I’m here for.


Let’s Go!