If the Law of Attraction had a currency to trade it would be Fun. Love may make the world go round, but fun superchargers your manifestation powers and will activate The Law Of Attraction, lowers your stress and helps you feel more connected to loved ones and your goals.

Are you a busy mum craving more fun?

Would you love to activate the Law of Attraction and start living your best life?

Activate the law of attraction through having fun

Raise your hand if you’re like me…prone to overworking and under resting, caught up in the busy-ness of life and endless to-do lists that makes it easy to let the things like:

▫️ Fitness

▫️ Good eating habits

▫️ Letting your hair down

▫️ Self-Care 

slip by the wayside? All the opposite to fun right?

I admit that I am the “type- A” busy mum/woman who is disciplined, structured, likes to feel “in control” (a slippery slope) and wants to achieve. However, what I’ve learned is that all work and no play leaves me tired, more impatient and more prone to self-doubt and negative habits.

On the flip side, I have also learned that when I allow myself to have little pockets of fun, even on the craziest of busy days I’m happier, more patient, more able to overcome challenges, productive and creative. By sprinkling a little fun throughout my day I activate the Law of Attraction and everything starts to fall into place with greater ease.

The trick is not to get caught up in the “I’m too busy” mindset that makes saying no to fun so easy but give yourself permission to have just 5-10 minutes of joy and fun in your day.

Recognising the Law of Attraction Feeling and Emotions

For me, there are two times of the day when my energy dips faster than churros in chocolate, that’s 3 pm and 5 pm. I begin to feel stiff and stressed. Here are my signs that I need to take a fun break (notice if you feel like this too):

▫️I get stiff and sore legs and lower back

▫️My eyebrows feel like they have been knitted together

▫️My shoulders feel tight and my neck feels stiff

▫️I find it hard to focus because of brain fog

And before I know it I am raiding the pantry or rummaging through my desk in the hope to find a sweet sugary fix or I start reaching for a hot strong caffeine fix. You may notice like women I work with in Firefly that you reach for fatty or salty foods, a sneaky cigarette, quick drive through McDonald’s or a tall glass of wine.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we must work hard, keep our heads down and bums up to get results in life, it’s through pushing through and struggle that you will find your goal of happiness and feeling of relief that everything has fallen into place.

I’m here to debunk that idea, it just doesn’t work like that. We reach our goals, we transform our lives and create our desired results “yes” with times of hard work but with equal amounts of fun sprinkled in the mix. Think back to school days, you had lunch and recess to create some fun…why? Because it helped you focus better, be more productive feeling refreshed and clear-minded.

Types of fun you can have to activate the Law of Attraction

▫️Crank up your favourite song and have a little impromptu dance

▫️Stand up and move away from your desk and do some simple stretching

▫️Get up and take a walk outside

▫️Share one of those crazy cute cat videos with a colleague/family member and belly laugh together

The trend here is in moving. Moving your body flushes out the body and releases tension, helps you shake off stress, fills your lungs with oxygen, floods your body with those gorgeous feel great hormones lifting your hearts spirits.

How to put more fun in your day as a busy mum/woman

Make having pockets of fun a priority. You must be super intentional with making fun. If you don’t, it becomes too easy to make excuses as to “Why” you can’t. But sister your “to-do” list is always going to exist, but you won’t. So be super intentional with prioritising fun into your day.

A practice I love is I set 2 alarms on my phone one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon to get off my tush and have a little fun and movement. How you choose to create your fun and moove your bootie is up to you (no judgement here) just make in a non-negotiable you will bring new energy to your body and activate the Law of Attraction. Win-Win.

How to know if the Law of Attraction is working for you

How do you even know if the Law of Attraction is working or not?

The practice of making daily fun a priority is you will begin to feel:

▫️More energised

▫️More confident


▫️Less anxious and stressed

▫️Stronger and more flexible

▫️Connected to your intuition

▫️More focused and Productive

▫️Full of joy

These are the physical signs letting you know that the Law of Attraction is working for you. The great news is you have reached that magical tipping point where all you desire will start to manifest. If you feel this, consider this the Universe’s nod of approval that you are on the right track.

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