Ever look into the mirror and wish that the skin on your face looked as smooth and perky as a babies butt? You’re not alone which is why I reached out and got the secret amazing make at home coffee detox scrub – just.for.you!


Here at home, the weather has cooled down, many of us are spending time in quarantine or isolation and our skin – well it probably feels a little like mine. Dry, flaky and tired. Sounds attractive (haha) but I know that you know what I’m talking about.

For me, when my skin feels saggy and floopy (new word), I feel less motivated and also a little less likely to feel good about myself. And as we know our thoughts create our reality.

If you want to create great, attract great and become a magnet to all you desire you must feel great about yourself first.

Is there no better way to do that than with some self-love in the form of a coffee detox scrub and a pocket of time tucked away just for you?

With this in mind, I decided to reach out to the amazing Tegan, owner of Relax and Unwind Massage to beg, borrow and steal (if I had to) and grab her coffee detox scrub.

This coffee detox scrub is so easy you can make it at home with the ingredients that you have in your pantry. You can even add some cacao powder, melt it down and eat it. It’s that good!

This face/body scrub has got no nasties and won’t leave your face looking like it has been attacked by a plague of bees, but instead, your face will be left radiant and perky.

How To…

Are you excited? You should be your skin is about to feel a whole lot less “Slim Shady” and a lot more awake so that even if you are stuck inside your skin will shine.

The ingredients you will need:

1/3 Cup Of Coffee
1/3 Cup Sugar (whatever one you have)
1/3 Cup Of Coconut Oil (best to melt it slightly so it mixes easier)


Mix this elixir together with a teaspoon and smooth over your skin in small circles avoiding the eyes. With any leftovers pop them in a jar for next time.

If you’re ever in Melbourne be sure to look her up Tegan at Relax and Unwind Massage, she comes to your home and will deliver you the full detox and relax experience. Look for her detox foot spa *wink* you won’t regret it.

detox scrub

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