Like a kid at Christmas, you are counting down the days till it’s Back To School – BYOD

The new school uniforms and shiny new shoes have been bought, all the stationery lovingly packed into new school bags.

Secretly you have started daydreaming about having the hours between 9-3 pm without having to be a taxi driver, negotiator or even listen to the persistent requests of your darling kids.

Bliss, that five minutes of silence between waving those angels goodbye to back on the daily mum grind.

Then come the tears ? and you’re yanked back from that blissful daydream

“I don’t want to go to high school …It is big and I don’t know any of the teachers”.

“What if I get lost or worse yelled at because I am late finding my classroom”.

“Mum, I am worried.”

Me with a Kleenex in hand, heart aching and a soggy shoulder turn to my boy and together we came to a decision – We would BYOD together

We would…


Bring (Y)our Own Dreams to life this year

His dream for the next 90 days…to feel accepted and confident in school and not get lost

My dream for the next 90 days: to launch my book and see it become a #1 best seller changing the lives of women and mums worldwide ?

For the next 90 days, what are your BYOD ‘s?

Now the kids are back at school, what are your Back To School Dreams for yourself?

Now that you have a little more #mumtime, what goals are you wanting you to achieve before the next school holidays start and your time is no longer yours?

Is it to get in the best shape, start a side hustle, become a figure skater (random!), go back to studying, Get that promotion…plan that holiday ….

What would you like to feel or achieve in 90 days time?

More confident in your decisions, fearless and unstoppable in the face of life challenges, happy, at peace within?

The next 90 days are all yours to get your back to school dreams started!

Back to school

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