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Your Dreams Matter

Your time is too precious to waste trying to achieve your goals alone and being stuck by (perceived!) limitations


 You need personally tailored expert guidance and kick-ass life mastery tools and solutions which actually work.

You want a program designed just for you so you can spend more time with those who matter most, doing the things that you love, living your best life.

Personal Mentoring

For the woman who is serious about making positive lasting change and  wants to feel greater confidence, more energy and financial  freedom

Give me 90 days, and go from overwhelmed mum trying to do everything alone, navigating a minefield of emotions - to a woman glowing with confidence, calm, energy and living a life of greater joy, abundance and freedom.

Never again, ask: 

"What am I doing wrong?"

Does any of this sound familiar? 


  Feel like a slave to your mind, overthinking and overwhelmed.  

You are time poor and tired - You want more energy and time to do things that bring you joy and time to spend with those that matter. 

Lose the battle to continue to chase your goals and desires to your emotions of worry, frustration and irritation - You want freedom 

You've read all the self-help books and still, nothing happens - You want to feel calm, present and confident even in chaos

 You're tired of trying to get results alone, you've run out of motivation - what you really want is your very own personal mentor who truly cares. 

✔ You're ready to achieve your goals, finally.

Got a dream and wondering why you can't get it together? Wanting change but feeling overwhelmed and burn-out is knocking at the door? 

The fact is, old beliefs (normally ones we adopted from our parents...yikes!) hold us back. Our habits and history lie to us. They whisper, "You're not the type of woman meant to live her dream life".

I know. It's scary AF to step outside of your comfort zone. But, your comfort zone sucks. It's exhausting and unfulfilling.

  The solution? 

An EXPERT to give you KICK-ASS tools, personalised support and tailored strategies to bring your goals a reality and make positive changes that stick! 

I'm Angela,  your qualified transformational specialist, DreamBuilder coach (+ rule breaker)!

Like me, you've experienced some s#!t in your past. You've had moments when you probably felt like giving up. Your dreams feel unrealistic. I see you, I hear you - I feel you

I was once that mum that would be the “photo taker” because she felt sick of forcing a smile. She wasn't happy and found fault with everything. She wanted more out of life but was riddled with anxiety, anger and sadness.

But she faced her fears and took steps forward (with many, many steps backwards along the way)

She spent TENS of THOUSANDS on personal development. She committed to make changes for HERSELF. She felt the fear and did it anyway.

Now the smile comes easily. New connections have been made to self and others. A marriage saved. New businesses built and succeeded. New health and fitness goals achieved. And she has the ambition, the drive, to show other Mums how they too can THRIVE and FLOURISH.

This is me. But it can also be YOU.

And for the last twenty years, I've been helping women transform their lives, just like I did.  You’ve got all the strength you need, we are the same.  

In 90 days this program will see you going from living in fear of your dreams to knowing the exact steps to achieving them with confidence. 

Every year, I help women just like you step UP - and claim more from life using the life-mastery process I have created. 

Imagine having a mentor 100% committed to helping you reduce anxiety and increase wholistic success? 


Take My Hand today and let’s get you the tools you need to Up level ALL areas of your life.


Because, you've got big dreams and desires. 

But, like most women, you also have a million other things going on. Your best efforts get derailed. So, you need a helping hand. You need someone, for once in your life, to focus on you.  

What sets this 90 Day Personal Mentoring apart from other programs?

Unlike group programs or self-help books, there is no cookie-cutter approach here.

Instead, you get one-to-one bespoke coaching. Together, we will dissolve old limiting beliefs, change the way you think and in doing so transform EVERY area of your life. 

3 lies you probably believe: 

LIE #1: I'm not good enough

LIE #2: I can't have it all

LIE #3: Now isn't the time to focus on me

Here's the truth ... 

You are good enough, heck YOU are worthy enough, you can have whatever you want in life - If I could reach over and whisper into your ear I would gently take your hands and say ...

"Now is the time to focus on you." Feel better?

Imagine how you'll feel after 90 days of rewiring your limiting beliefs and putting into practice this new truth. 

''If you are sitting on the fence about joining Angela in her 90 Day reset, get off! I have tried so many programs and seen many a counsellor - but nothing compared to this. Angela helped me change my life. I have reclaimed my life, met the man of my dreams and I can't wipe the smile of my face. Thanks Ang, without your guidance I would still feel lost''. 

- Paige - Sydney, Australia.

Here's a taster of what you can expect during the 90 Days: 

Become the designer of your life and master your mindset. 

Achieve your goals and understand the signs the Universe is sending you. 

Discover the ONE thing you must let go of to get the results you want. 

Learn the power of thought alignment and how to create it for yourself.

Lay claim to your worth and wake up feeling energised for the day ahead. 

Become a magnet for greater abundance, love, health and vitality.

Feel balanced and calm while doing ALL the things 

Learn the secret to overcoming obstacles. 

Discover how to easily declutter your life of toxicity and negativity so that you always feel balanced and present . 

That's not all. As soon as you enrol, you get access to:

Kick Arse Life-Changing Training Modules

 Short, actionable video and audio modules.

13  Private Mentoring Calls

Weekly flexible 1:1 coaching calls.

Unlimited Email and Personal Messenger Support for the entire 90 days

Manifestation Album

Charting Your Course

Mindset Meditations

Lifetime Access to Firefly VIP DreamBuilders Portal

40+ hours of life-changing tools to keep for life!

Self-Doubt Eliminator Tool Kit

Plus these bonuses..

Shake Up Your Greatness 

 A proven program to help you make the Law Of Attraction work for you. 

4 Month Membership to The Firefly Academy 

 Feel supported and connected to fellow women; share the journey.

Powerfully Feminine 

An energetic program on how to remove self doubt and align your to your infinite power and inner wisdom.

That's an extra $300 worth of value, totally free. However these bonuses are only for a limited time!

When you add it all up, that's a $6400++ value!

This could be your story.

What's Your Next Step?



1. How does it start? 

As soon as you apply I will send you a personal message. From here, we can get to know more about each other and discover if we are a good fit.

2. What do I get access to?

 Once you sign up, you'll instantly get exclusive access links to both the Firefly VIP Members Resource Portal, Firefly Academy Facebook group community and your bonus courses.

3. How does it all work?

I have made this as easy as possible for you. Every week, we will have LIVE 1 hour coaching calls together. Plus, because this is 1:1 mentoring we can be flexible with schedule. You can privately email or message me any questions.

4. How much does it cost? 

The investment when you pay upfront for 13 weeks Personal Mentoring is $3999 or $250 a week over 16 weeks, which will be directly debited from your chosen account. If you choose to pay up front for Personal Mentoring you will instantly get $500 off the price of your 90 Day Reset. 

5. Should you see me, a life coach, or see a therapist?

If you see a therapist what you will focus on is your feelings and the past. With me, you get tools to help you move forward with a clear solid vision that you can actually move towards armed with the tools to make it happen easily!

I help you with pain management, eating and exercise habits. Plus, I teach you how to keep your energy and motivation throughout the day so you have fuel left in the tank for your kids or snuggles with your partner.

 You will learn how to create boundaries, stop the people pleasing, save time and make more money living a life you love.

6. Who is this NOT for?

This program won't suit you if you want someone else to solve your problems or fix you. You're not broken. I'll show you exactly how you can get the results you want and how continue to get results beyond working together.

Last Note

You must be really serious about creating positive change in your life to be accepted into 1:1 mentoring that will change the way you think and in doing so, transform your life.

NOTE: This program is not for everyone.

You can be working, running your own business, looking after small people (or big people) or just taking some time out.


You MUST be prepared to let go of stories and beliefs that no longer serve you in order to create a happy life on your terms.

As you'll discover, it's absolutely possible when you understand how your brain is wired and have access to the best tools and strategies. And I can’t wait to teach you.



Freedom awaits you - Let's Go!

Ang - x

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