Chakra meditation helps to strengthen weak chakras and will benefit your health, wisdom and happiness. If you need to recharge your body, mind and soul then using chakra meditation is an excellent way to revitalize you from the inside out. Here is a Chakra meditation to recharge the soul. Simply record yourself speaking out loud this script and then listen to it daily or until your feel more balanced.

How To Perform A Chakra Meditation


The first few times you practice a chakra meditation, make sure that you have an expert to guide you, face to face or using an online video. You need to make sure that your chakras are left more in balance at the end of the meditation than they were when you started!

Start your meditation by sitting down, cross-legged in a quiet, dimly lit room. Make sure that your spine is straight, but not stiff.

Close your eyes then take a deep breath and start to relax.

Now, go through each chakra in turn, starting with the root chakra: -Imagine that you are drawing energy up from the earth, through the root chakra and that this is building up in the base of your spine.

>> Then the navel chakra: feel the concentration of energy building up around your navel and visualize a flow of warm lava out of this chakra center.

>> Moving on to the solar plexus chakra, let your stomach muscles relax deeply and sense the movement of the energy through your diaphragm.

>> Next is the heart chakra. Imagine your heart getting stronger with every breath. See and feel a bright light radiating out from this area.

>> Progressing on to the throat chakra, breath in with force. Then gradually relax your tongue, shoulders and neck.

>> For the brow chakra, keeping your eyes closed, focus on your “third eye” (the point between your eyebrows). Try to see this area even though your eyes are close and observe what you are seeing.

>> Finally, it’s the crown chakra. Visualize a beautiful lotus with a thousand petals blossoming from the tip of your head. As you visualize, see the colour change from a deep violet through to a brilliant white light.

Done correctly, the chakra meditation can bring you into union with the Spirit.

It is a very powerful form of meditation and helps you to stabilise your body, bringing inner peace, balance and harmony to you.

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