Got the isolation mum blues? Feeling a little frustrated and tired? Here are 5 tips to cope as a mum during isolation and Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Ok so even though the word isolation totally sucked, it kind of (for a hot minute) felt like the whole working from home and having the kids home from school could be fun. 

isolation and coronavirus

No school lunches to make or uniforms to iron. Heck, we don’t even need to be mum taxis for a while – ahhh bliss. And then….

Reality sunk in.. It got harder to mum during isolation and Coronavirus (COVID-19). There was little or no relief from the constant call “mum, mum”, no freedom from that nagging monotonous “I’m bored” or “I’m hungry”, no alone time, no order and routine. 

Simply that constant companion of tired brain fog due to the rental of your frontal lobe to those kiddos you love. Whilst there is no rule book on “How to Navigate These Crazy Times” there are some easy tips to help you cope, help you recharge your parenting batteries and feel better about yourself.

5 tips to cope as a mum during isolation and coronavirus (COVID-19)

cope as a mum in isolation

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