The ONE thing you must DO IMMEDIATELY if you want success is to challenge your inner mean girl.

You must stop putting yourself down and telling yourself that you don’t deserve to feel joy in your day, have fun and experience success.

INSTEAD, the one thing you must start believing in yourself. You already have what it takes within you to achieve ALL the scary goals and dreams you have. And when you start believing in you others will too!


You already have what you need to achieve


Most of us have struggled with self-worth, not feeling good enough or deserving enough. We even have a back catalogue of memories our inner mean girl loves to parade in front of our minds to prove it.

Like the time you got dumped in high school for the pretty skinny girl or the time you lost your job because you dared to ask for a raise…Or when you were judged because you didn’t breastfeed your baby. The list is long I’m sure, mine is AND it turns up in all areas of life.

It infiltrates its way through our relationships, friendships, health and freedom. This idea that we aren’t good enough is the cement boots (or high heels) that are stopping you from creating the success you crave.

This feeling that you create within, this energy you are wasting on beating yourself up with your negative self-talk IS the very reason that you aren’t living your best life.

So let’s change that sister, let’s create a new inner dialogue. Let’s put our inner mean girl on notice. Let’s call out the BS we tell ourselves before it takes control of us.

How to challenge your inner mean girl and start creating success

? Write down 10 dreams that you want to manifest and achieve

? Write down 10 reasons WHY you want what want

? Now write all the feelings you have within when you imagine that these are done.

? Next, take this list, look at yourself in the mirror and speak these out loud. Own it! Make it happen, create the plan and take action.

Success is not an accident. It’s something we make happen on purpose when we take the right steps. Now is the time to take action and decide to give yourself permission to design and create the life of your dreams and experiencing the success you deserve. You’ve got this sister! – Ang x

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