Ok most of us agree that happy is on the other side of removing our bra, spanks, tight jeans and any other restrictive piece of clothing and that’s just a start! We won’t mention the happiness that comes from finally getting the kids to sleep, a long hot coffee first thing in the morning, the blessing that is chocolate or a sneaky snuggle! However, a morning daily gratitude practice also works miracles towards feeling “burn the bra happy” and confident!!

Gratitude put simply is taking some time to be thankful and show appreciation, Gratitude cracks your heart open to receive and allow. It’s one of the core principles in using the Law Of Attraction annnd it has helped me countless times overcome feelings of anxiety, mum guilt and overwhelm.

I remember reading that a grateful heart attracts miracles and whilst it’s true a daily gratitude practice also helps you feel more positive, helps you overcome challenges with greater ease, helps you feel more clear in your purpose, you sleep better and have more energy Plus…

A daily gratitude practice helps you feel better about the most important person you know….YOU!

How you ask? Showing gratitude re-wires your brain by releasing feel-good hormones which then bath your brain with bliss – kind of like getting a gentle foot massage after having your feet jammed into a pair of high heels –bliss!

And the best news is that a daily gratitude practice is free and always available to you. In the early days, I would get tripped up thinking that I had to constantly be on the lookout for big things to be grateful for however that’s not the case.

The fun comes, the bliss is experienced in finding gratitude in the little daily things.

For example just this morning I was grateful to get to the toilet before I wet myself, It was honestly the best feeling…like I was flying – I know you understand…Right?

Sister, now it’s your turn to start a daily gratitude practice and start your own journey to feeling burn the bra happy every.single.day.

How to start an easy daily gratitude practice

Step One: A gratitude practice doesn’t have to be complicated you simply need a journal and a pen (Yes I have just given you permission to go stationery shopping yay!)

Step Two: Find a nice quiet peaceful place where you can write 5 things you are grateful for that you have experienced over the last 24 hours

Step Three: Take a minute or two to read over what you have written and allow those blissful feel-good hormones bathe your brain and leave you feeling calm, confident and happy. (I love to close my eye for a minute and let it wash over me like a lovely waterful of feels)

gratitude practice

To make writing your daily gratitude a little easier here are some prompts for you

▫️ Is there a person you can be grateful for?

▫️ Is there a place you can be grateful for?

▫️ Is there a thing you can be grateful for?

▫️Is there an activity you can be grateful for?

▫️ Is there an opportunity or accomplishment you can be grateful for?

▫️ Is there some part of you you can be grateful for?

▫️When you look around you or out a widow is there something you can be grateful for?

Now you have some amazing prompts to get you started, it’s time to remove your bra, get comfy and start feeling “burn the bra” happy and confident today!

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