Want an easy parenting tip for challenging times? A way to reduce the *should* headache that haunts most of us mums? Currently, we are navigating challenges like messy bun ninjas, blindfolded in mud. It’s sucky, it’s energetically draining and sends us into an emotional ‘should’ storm.

Do you find that you are ‘shoulding’ all over yourself?

parenting tip

Do you find yourself walking around the house, whilst looking at all the extra *life* junk the family have left lying around telling yourself that you:

… should be being a better parent?

… should be getting more work done?

… should be playing board games with your kids? (eek…my least favourite thing, don’t judge)

… should be doing licking the kids off the iPads sooner.

… should be “making the most of this time” together?

… should just generally be coping a whole lot better than you are?

Wooooo, what a crazed should-storm!

What if instead, we all gave ourselves a break. Let ourselves off the hook and try this…

Easy parenting tip for challenging times


Clench your body as tight as you can your hands, toes, mouth eyes …squeeze breathe – 1 – 2 – 3 and then let it all go (that feels better a little space)

Question yourself:

What would make this easy?.

For me, it’s having a morning routine, a set of habits that make me feel goood. Like moving my body, stretching and remembering to eat lunch (easy to forget when everyone is wanting a piece of you.


Use the affirmation ‘All is well’. There are more you can use however I like to keep it simple

Cut yourself some slack.

No one is in your house, walking in your shoes, so whether it is someone casting judgement on you or even your inner mean girl tormenting you with all the *shoulds* choose to lovingly not listen – unless some part of you thinks heck – that sounds like a good plan to try.

The good news is that you can drop any expectations you have on yourself. You just need to give yourself permission to be ok with all your doing.

Because most of us are doing the best we can and none of us were prepared for what feels like some kind of freaky apocalypse where toilet paper is the new world’s currency.

Give yourself permission to go easy on yourself and if that feels too hard, imagine I’m whispering into your ear the words you need to hear.

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