Firefly Beliefs

Belief One: Dream Big

Make this life as amazing as it can be. I’m here to help by inspiring, empowering and teaching – so you can live the life you desire.

Belief Two: Believe

When you believe you can do something, you become unstoppable. I am going to be the one who believes in you every day. I am your cheerleader through the Firefly Academy, 1:1 Mentoring and all my social platforms. Stay connected and I’ll help you succeed.

Belief Three: Support and Tribal Friendship

I am here for you, to celebrate your success and catch you when you fall. I’ll be right here for you – to keep you strong.

Belief Four: Inspire

I’m here to keep you inspired every single day. I’m going to empower you with words that feel like a hug to the soul or to get that fire glowing inside you. You can live all your dreams of success, abundance and insane happiness. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, so I’m here to remind you.

Belief Five: Love

There’s only one of you in the entire universe, and that is a big deal. Truly magic. You are a one of a kind and I believe that you should own it. Around here I aim to speak from love. I believe in being real, dropping the BS and and nurturing your soul with love.

Belief Six: Live Bigger

At times we keep ourselves small to either please others or because we are scared of truly stepping into our power. I’m here to remind you to stand tall and proud and. By living your big dreams, you give permission to those around you to do the same. You create a lasting impact and make a difference.

Ang x

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