Need some free self-care ideas on a budget? Here are 33…

It’s Saturday morning and your to-do list reads like a sermon. Your brain feels foggy and heavy after a hard week juggling all of life’s balls. Somewhere today, you know you need a to take time for a little self-care. However, it feels hard to make our own self-care a priority when you’re on a budget and there are so many other things-to-do…Right?  

Taking care of yourself matters! Loving yourself matters! Making yourself and your self care a priority matters!! You become stronger, you show up for those you love and the things that matter to you as the best version of yourself. Not to mention when you make self-care a priority that voice of self-doubt gets quieter and quieter.

33 Self-Care Ideas On A Budget

self-care when on a budget

Self-care may look like long baths with your favourite scented candle, a trip to a day spa or an expensive lunch with friends or yoga class, however, it doesn’t always have to be expensive. 

Whilst I too am all for a great scented candle and facial they can add up and I know for me it is part of the reason I don’t always take time for self-care – it feels a little too indulgent. But that’s the crunch we let the idea of money hold us back from filling our own cup.

Self-care doesn’t have to cost you anything, which means you can do it daily. Here are 33 self-care ideas on a budget you can use today and every day when you notice that the stress of life is starting to pull your energy down. These are great ideas if you’re on a budget if you’re trying to save some money for those savings goals or just because they feel so bloody great. 

Check them out, pin or share them to your favourite social media feed to remind your bestie that her self-care and self-love matters!

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