Shout out to my fellow mum’s and sisters this Mother’s Day. I know how much it sucks that we will miss the fancy brunches and lunches or visits with family, however, it doesn’t have to feel like every other day (you know, where it’s all about you trying to hold everything and everyone together). There are some fun and easy quarantine Mother’s Day ideas that will make your day feel special.

A mum’s life in 2020 feels at times a little overwhelming because with one wrong move you could be sent face-first into the hard cold gravel, with all those balls falling and crashing down around you.

It’s enough to make you want to crawl under a ROCK with a warm blanket, glass of wine and a sign around your neck saying…

Beware, do not enter.

I know how that feels, so with this in mind I thought long and hard about ways we can bring the fun, joy and specialness into this Mother’s Day in isolation.

Fun and Easy Quarantine Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother's Day

Dress up your table

You know the “Good” plates, tablecloths and glasses that we only use for “special” occasions? The ones we never break out for us. Now is the time. Dress your table in your best dinner wear, pull out all the fancy you have. Maybe candles, flowers or even that gorgeous shiny confetti if you have it. Use everything!

Hang Up Your Apron

Allow those around you to cook. You may end up with toast or baked beans around your fancy table, a gourmet takeaway or homecooked meal. All is perfect. The idea is to allow others to cook for you and you to enjoy.

Get Dressed Up

Time to put on the earringS and knickers that make you feel great. This Mother’s Day, make it a “fancy” occasion where everybody gets dressed up to the nines. The difference we feel when we get dressed up elevates our mood and makes even baked beans on toast a glamourous fun affair.

Put Your Feet Up

Declare that Mother’s Day there will be no housework. Even if the laundry basket is glaring at you waiting to be folded. It-can-wait! I know all too well the temptation to just do a couple of things because the voice in your head making you feel guilty is telling you “you must” otherwise there is more to do the following day. However, sister, come close, let’s together join hands and make a pact. “We shall not do housework this Mother’s Day” and breath.

Make today special. 2020 might be sucky and challenging but there is love and gifts for us all too. Happy Mother’s Day – Ang

P.S. If you are on a diet, give yourself permission to cut yourself some slack, You deserve it.

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