New Years Resolution

Busy mum stop! Please don’t make another boring New Year’s resolution you will break or set a goal that you will feel crap about not achieving ever again. Instead, imagine living a vision filled year!

Let’s be honest for a moment. I mean the kind of honesty we would have together when we are childfree, having a Champagne or two on a comfy lounge overlooking the most tranquil relaxing view.

How often do you ever stick to a New Year’s resolution or make a New Year’s resolution stick?

And if you’re like me sometimes chasing after a goal sounds like hard work that could involve some blood sweat and tears … no thanks, I’ve had my kids.

And setting a dream, although I am all about creating my dreams no matter what they are, can often feel a bit whimsical and wishy-washy, so we put it on the back burner

Instead, let’s create a vision of what you would love your life to look like.

Let’s, right now (Champagne optional) step into a powerful DreamBuilding activity and create a vision for the next 2 years that is aligned with your heart’s desires, that doesn’t require any blood sweat or tears AND actually makes you want to jump out of bed

Stop making boring New Year’s resolutions and let’s create a vision of your most exceptional, loved up, happy, fulfilled life.

Step 1: Own where you are now.

To move forward with any dream, desire, goal or, dare I say it, New Year’s resolution, it’s first important to own your present.

I know that may feel frightening (like waking up in the morning when you’ve gone to bed with wet hair) however this step helps you create an energetically aligned vision instead of falling into simply following the pack.

So sister let’s create a vision, grab a pen and paper and write the four headings

Time/Money freedom

Under each heading get honest about what is going on…

What areas do you long for more or better? What areas are you not feeling fulfilled or truly happy and aligned?

Take a few minutes to notice in each area your longings and discontent.

Step 2: Look back now at the four categories and choose the one that stands out to you like dogs balls.

I know you know the one, it’s the category that you most deeply want to feel happier and more fulfilled in.

For today just choose one ☝️

Step 3: Ask yourself the most important question

This is where it gets exciting, this is where you get to harness your imagination (gifted to every single one of us) and create a vision of the life you would love to live.

So lets, for example, assume you chose the category of relationships…Ask yourself what would I love my relationships to look like.

This might be the relationship with your partner, your kids, your parents, yourself or maybe a new relationship that you are ready to manifest.

How would you love to feel, what do you do together, what conversations do you have…?

Write down all the things, it’s your vision there is no right or wrong

“Nobody gets to tell you what your dreams should be”

Step 4: Write your vision daily!

Grab a journal and pen and everyday prime your brain to create your vision.

Write your vision, lean into how it feels, what it tastes like…Are there any words or colours that pop into your mind as you write.

The power behind writing your vision daily is alike what my morning coffee does for my brain and soul.


Step 5: Want to amp up your vision?

I get asked every day “what’s the magic behind believing and creating your best?” And the answer is to have a daily gratitude practice.

Honestly, your vision is your seed and gratitude is the fertiliser that is going to help bring that vision to life quicker than you ever believed possible.

Go forth now get that sparkly pen and journal you love and create a vision, lean into it daily and sprinkle it with kindness and gratitude …

You’re a more powerful manifestor than you know yourself to be.

It’s time to believe in you xx

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