How often have you read on blog posts, Instagram posts or Pinterest “You must believe in yourself to achieve your goals”?  It leaves you scratching your head right – because if you knew how to believe in yourself more …you would! 

It’s something I personally struggled with for years. I would set myself a goal in business, I would set myself a goal in life and never feel like it was possible. 

It didn’t matter how much I journaled or how often I stared at my vision board. In reality, nothing seemed to work for me. 

After a while I started to think that there must have been something wrong with ME. 

Girlfriend, if you struggle with believing in yourself today, I have your back wrapped up in a little tough love. 


How to believe in yourself more

Take note of what you are saying to yourself. 

What is your inner dialogue? What are those “I am” statements you have on repeat? Take note of what you are saying to yourself. And here is why…

Most of us fight harder to stay within our limitations than we do to explore our potential. We speak more about where things aren’t working than trying new things that are available to us. 

I know for me this was because I felt like it was a “lie”. And it kind of is…until you believe it…and all your energy is behind it. Then it becomes a deep-seeded, almost irreversible, belief. 


Build your inner belief muscle

With this in mind. Who are you fighting harder for? Are you proclaiming to everyone and you that you will succeed. That you are worthy and deserving of all you desire to have and manifest?

Or…are you speaking more and fighting harder for the beliefs about why you can’t?  That it’s a constant struggle and that it’s just too hard? 

So, who are you fighting? The truth is the inner voice that you put most of your energy behind will always wins. 

Instead when you hear yourself champion for your limitations – hit your internal pause button. Take a deep breath and change tack.

Repeat to yourself; I am worthy. I am allowed. I am deserving – my success is on its way to me now. I am open to being guided and receiving. 

Another great tip…surround yourself with people who believe in ALL you can do and be rather than those who share your limitations. 

Ramp up the fun dial in your life. Do more things that make you laugh and feel good. And when you are in that ohh so good space close your eyes and imagine yourself living having achieved all that you are currently setting out to achieve.  

Your success is inevitable 

Your goals are achievable 

You can be, do and have all you desire 

Fight for that inner voice who knows this truth about just how far you can push yourself. Use these words to affirm it to be so; I am worthy. I am allowed. I am deserving – my success is on its way to me now. I am open to being guided and receiving.

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Hey, I’m Ang! Leading DreamBuilder coach, Business success mentor, and International best-selling author of The Messy Mum’s Playbook.  My mission is to help women who feel stuck or frustrated get everything they want in life, love, and business in the fastest and easiest way possible