How to break free of Fear and Take Back Control – even when your day goes haywire, mercury is in retrograde or when you are held back by fear and uncertainty.

Here is my favourite One-minute breathing exercise that helps you break through those fear blocks, ground your energy and return to feeling calm and in control.

The Kundalini breathing exercise called Ego Eradicator.

Here is how to break free of fear and take back control using the Ego Eradicator

home workout

? Step One – Hands:

Tightly press your fingertips against the pads of your hands. Right below the soft area where your fingers meet your hands.

Raise your arms above your head at 60 degrees and point your thumbs up to the sky. Keep your arms locked and tight. If your arms get tired, activate the muscles around your shoulder blades and through your back.

Keep your spine tall and straight throughout the breathing exercise

? Step Two – Breath:

When practising the Ego Eradicator we use Breath of Fire. Breath of Fire is a rapid breathing in and out of your nose.

With every inhale and exhale your stomach will be going in and out, in and out (bonus ab workout included). Do this for one minute.

? Step Three – Finish and Ground:

At the end of your one-minute rapid breathing, bring both of your hands together to meet above your head and hold your breath for as long as you can.

Take a deep exhale and release your arms and sit with your eyes closed for another few minutes. Enjoying the space and calm you have created. Relish in the renewed energy vibrating through your body. 

(If at any point you start feeling dizzy, or are pregnant stop Breath of Fire and breathe slowly and deeply.)

If you are like me someone who at times gets caught up in the stress of raising a family and balancing work. And…gets blocked by fear. Try the Ego Eradicator breathing exercise – It changed my life! 

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