There is no doubt that we are currently living in intense and uncertain times. Life is changing faster than we can get the families undies washed and dried. Most of us are searching for ways to find peace and calm, Looking at how to create certainty in uncertain times.

Uncertainty in life feels scary. We can feel frazzled, a little (or a lot) lost and frustrated. When we stay feeling uncertain for long enough other emotions such as anger and anxiety begin to simmer and these emotions are different for us all.

Emotions that plays with our minds, affects our health, how we parent our kids and how we feel in our relationships. Finding certainty feels like a rock to secure ourselves during these challenging times. It helps us take back control and feel grounded. Here is an easy way for you to find certainty in your day today.

How to create certainty in uncertain times


Certainty feels like a rock to cling to when you find yourself trapped in the rapids of uncertainty, anxiety and overwhelm. It helps you feel in control, calm and settles the mind.  If you are someone who loves to write a list then this is your time to shine. During challenging and uncertain times the quickest way to feel certain, calm and in control is to write lists.

Here are the two lists that help you feel in control and calm

.List One: What I am certain of?

This is the list filled with things that you know to be true. For example, some of mine are:

The sun will rise and set.
I have access to drinking water.
I have a bed and a pillow
I can read
I can solve problems…to name a few

List Two: Create a to-do list:

Yep, to all my fellow overachievers, it’s your time. Write a list of three or four things you will do the following day. Set yourself up for success.

Place it on the kitchen bench before you go to bed and revel in the peace and calm of knowing that tomorrow to have created some certainty.

This list may include;

Cleaning out wardrobe

Cleaning out the garage


30 minutes of exercise.

Writing out a weeks meal plan

Calling a friend

Working on your side hustle for an hour.

Big or small whatever you choose to put on your list this will help you ground down in certainty.

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