How to create your success blueprint. They say that when you have a plan you become unstoppable. But with the busy-ness that is life, how often do you give yourself the time and space to plan and set in motion your dreams? Not often right? I get it, it’s almost as though the older we get the faster time speeds by, So today let’s create the space for you to create your success blueprint.


How to create your success blueprint

1. Take time to dream and align

“WTF!! I don’t have time to dream?”. I hear you however taking the time to connect with your heart and soul’s desires matters. Your desires ARE you blueprint to success. And that’s why we need to start here.

Take yourself on a CEO coffee date and journal on what you want, what you want your success to look and feel like. Then write how you expect to feel when you achieve what you want. Align yourself through feeling and clarity around your desires.

2. Turn your dream into action steps

Have you heard that a goal is a dream with its work boots on? Let’s put on your boots and turn your dream into reality by defining action steps to take. Here’s how…

Read over the vision you wrote out in step one and ask yourself “ What are the first steps to take?”, “Where do I require support or help?”

Don’t overthink this process trust the hunches and ideas you get they will get you started and as you action each step the next will appear

3. Remove resistance

It’s a given that when you start something new you will be met with resistance. Both internally and externally, so it’s important that you remove and clear whatever resistance you have.

Have a look at your limiting beliefs that pop up as you write out your dreams and goals. Gain the insights and ideas on things to change that these limiting beliefs give you and then flip them into mantras to motivate you into action and change the things that you can.

How to create your success blueprint


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