So often, without even realising it, our feelings of anxiety and overwhelm can skyrocket through the roof. How to ease your mind and feel calm is about as achievable as winning the next survivor challenge blindfolded. Right?

One minute you’re casually playing with your fur baby, feeling good about yourself and the next you have your phone in your hand scrolling through memes and posts and like a runaway freight train your gripped in anxiety or overwhelm.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but so often in the past, I would do one of three things when I felt like this. I would get angry at the poor person I spoke to next because I had all the feels running around my body. I would eat my feelings (hello anything sweet) or I would allow the voice of my inner mean girl to take over every.thought.I.had leaving me to feel defeated.

Taking back control of your thoughts and your inner mean girl doesn’t need to be hard, and it will take some practice.

But, what I know about you is that you’re up for the challenge because sister you are here.

Today to get back “in control” and mute your inner mean girl give this life mastery technique a go.

How to ease your mind and feel calm

Like any runaway train, we need to apply the brakes to slow it down. This method below helps you gently and lovingly apply the brakes and slow you down to get a clearer perspective and idea about what you are feeling and why.

Method to ease and calm


When you first notice your thoughts start to run away gently press pause on them and recognise them for what they are. Notice them and name them.


Allow yourself to feel the feels of your thoughts. Experience what you are feeling without judging yourself or trying to ignore them in the hope they will go away

Dig A Little Deeper

Dive in a little deeper into your thoughts and investigate what’s really going on. Ask yourself what do you need. What is it you need help with? Who can you ask for help? What brought this on? Asking these types of questions helps bring light to what’s really going on.

Show Yourself Compassion

Show yourself some compassion and care. Most of us are conditioned to be super hard on ourselves. When you show yourself some compassion like you would your best friend you create greater peace, space and emotional freedom.


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