Are you tired? Are you staring at your device right now rubbing your eyes wondering how to feel less tired during the day because what you want is to crawl back into bed snug under the covers?

Are you so tired that you are lacking any type of motivation and are secretly dreaming of a double shot chocolate mocha with extra sugar to energise you?

Sister, I know how alluring both the idea of chocolate and coffee sound, however, there is another way that will not only have you feeling less tired during the day but will have you feeling strong, sexy and confident – the triple threat!

How to feel less tired during the day

  Increase your protein.

Increase your protein to help your body feel more energised, heal and repair. I’m not just talking red meat, although I believe that once a fortnight definitely helps. I’m talking fish, eggs, chicken, tofu, almonds. Increase your protein to help your body heal itself and repair. Every meal, add a protein source – You will feel strong

⭐  Eat more greens.

Yep, the reason rabbits can keep on hopping is because of all the greens they eat. Make it a practice that twice a day you fill a bowl or plate with 70% green vegetables, delicious green leafy vegetables. This helps lower fatigue levels, regulate hormones, improve your skin and lift your mood – You will feel vibrant

⭐  Drink lots more water.

Most of us are dehydrated which puts so much extra stress on our bodies and makes us tired and cranky

Most women should have a minimum of 2.5Litres of water a day and men 3Litres. I know that sounds like a lot and I totally understand. I used to find it super hard drinking water too so I googled “How to drink more water” and here is what I found worked.

Drink out of a bottle with a small mouthpiece. Sounds crazy but you take in less air, therefore, you can drink more. Plus when you drink, don’t sip like your visiting the queen, chug like your at a frat party. It gets easier. You will find by drinking more water that you won’t be raiding the pantry or your desk drawer for a sugar fix either – Win-Win. You will find it easier to wake up and think clearly throughout your day- You will feel alive

Breath Energy Into Your Body

This is my superweapon, my hidden secret that only clients ever knew…Up until now. I discovered a kundalini breathing technique that takes 60 seconds and resets your entire nervous system. Plus you can do it anywhere!

It only takes 60 seconds and you can do it on the train, on the bus, at your desk, in the supermarket when you’re trying to figure out whether to buy that Mars Bar or the broccoli (hot tip – get the broccoli), even in your car at the traffic lights. Anywhere – You will feel less tired, more energised, awake, alive and unstoppable.

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