How to build your email list by 100 subscribers quickly!

Have you heard NEVER build a home on someone else’s land? Well, business is the same. Whilst it’s great to build your business using social media you NEVER want to build your home there, why? Because you don’t own the land. If God help us you lost your social media platform you lose your audience.

That’s why you need to build an email list. A list of beautiful people/subscribers for you to nurture and shine love onto so that they become loyal clients and customers. But how can you do this? My love, you are in the right spot. Today let’s give you four ways to build your email list by 100 subscribers and you can have it all set up within 30 minutes!!


How to build your email list by 100 subscribers!

1. Put a signature at the bottom of your emails (even mobile phone) with a link to your website/freebie or a Linktree link

2. If you have a website out a pop up on the page to draw attention (gets people’s attention )
You can free plugins!

3. With every piece of content put a call to action CTA to download your amazing thing

4. Optimise your social media profiles with a link to your offer

Done – Done – and – Done

Once you have done one of these head over to Instagram here and tag me on your post and I will share you offer ;-)

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