Self-Love is how you create the energy to attract all you desire in life and create your dreams.

For years and years, I can honestly say that I didn’t love myself nor did I know how to increase self-love within, I was stuck in a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and behaviours.

I would beat myself up about my body image (I’m as flat-chested as an ironing board). I would stand in front of the mirror prodding myself hating what I saw, I would never stand naked in front of my husband and I would shy away when people would compliment me –

This makes me sad because I missed out on so much.

Then there was the way I spoke to myself.  Golly gosh, shut the front door, the way I spoke to myself and discredited myself, I would never do to ANYBODY EVER!! 

What happened next was I started feeling sick more often, felt increasingly disconnected from my husband and I forgot how to listen and trust my intuition (my inner mean girl’s voice was SO much louder). Dang creating the change and increasing self-love felt near impossible. 

But it wasn’t … And It’s not impossible for you either! ? 

After years of studying the body, mind and soul. learning all the holistic tools and strategies then applying them to my own life I discovered that there are 5 powerful questions you can ask yourself today.

These 5 questions will help you move forward towards greater happiness and increased self-love PLUS help you get back in touch with your intuition (us ladies best guidance system) so that you can begin to create your dreams. ?

 5 powerful questions to increase self-love


 Ask yourself today (and every day moving forward!), to get you in touch with your intuition and what you need to fill your own cup and show yourself some extra TLC:

What am I grateful for today?

What do I need to do for ME today?

How can I show myself love today?

What little things fills me with joy today?

What can I do today to feel nourished body, mind & soul?

How do you ask yourself these questions to increase self-love?


✨ Take a few quiet minutes and listen to the answers that your inner wisdom, higher self wants to share with you.

✨ They may come in the form of words, song lyrics, hunches, colours, sounds or you may hear nothing at all, trust that your inner self will always guide you…

✨ Write these answers down and then make a commitment to fulfil your OWN needs today!

HINT?: Follow the guidance given to you by your intuition even if it seems weird, and don’t judge yourself, everybody is different all on their own unique path and …. don’t distract yourself lovely!!


 are you ready to create your dreams of success, abundance and happiness?


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