Asking for help can be one of the hardest things to do right?

You are probably like me, someone, who is so driven (and maybe a perfectionist) and find it hard to figure out how to ask for help.


I was brought up in a time where the normal was for the mothers to put their dreams on hold (sometimes never to be started), and be the family caretaker.

However, times have changed,

Us women work outside of the home, we are the family caretakers and we have big dreams, we want to experience success, have greater freedom and wealth for ourselves and our families. And we should want these things, we should be an example to our kids and follow our hearts desires for our lives. Plus we must know how to ask for help.

We were never meant to put our dreams on hold because the end result is usually us getting grumpy, angry and increasingly unhappy and lost. For myself as a mum running a busy household with 3 kids, lots of animals and business, asking for help can be challenging (I’m a self-confessed control freak) and asking for help makes me feel vulnerable.




Because part of me thinks that if I ask for help it means that I’m not strong enough, organised enough, smart enough.  Not good enough, possibly a failure. yadda yadda yadda. Asking for help makes me feel vulnerable to criticism and judgement.

However, what I also know is that asking for help gives me more energy to spend with those that matter most to me and makes me feel greater self-worth and confidence to move forward in the pursuit of manifesting my dreams.

So can we call BS on the idea that it’s weak to ask for help? Can we please call double BS that by asking for help we aren’t good enough? 

You and I deserve to have help, we are worthy of having time just for ourselves and ALL have the success, wealth and happiness we want!

Do you agree?

So how to know when to ask for help?

Below are 7 of the most common signs on how to know when you need to ask for help. Are you ready? Dive in ?

Here are the 7 signs:


1. You are experiencing any kind of physical stress and/or pain

I normally will feel tense in my upper back and neck or like my eyebrows are trying to knit themselves together to become one. Another sign is tired sore scratchy eyes, shortness of breath, chest pain, headache. Another calling card for me is old injuries flare up out of the blue and cause pain.

2. Getting irritable or resentful

If you notice that you are starting to resent those around you or getting cranky at them when normally you wouldn’t … Ask for help! If you’re getting resentful or irritated at the task you are doing, even if it’s not directed at someone this to is another sign to let in some help

3. Not fitting your non-negotiables into your life

When your basic needs aren’t being met like eating, sleeping, hydration movement aren’t getting met…Ask for help. For me part of my non-negotiables are daily journaling, visualising my dreams, meditating, energy clearing and movement. They must be met! You are not meant to be or do EVERYTHING…even if it’s what your mum always told you…She was tired



4. Getting shitty and Cranky

If you are finding that captain cranky pants is running your ship…ABORT ask for help. If you find that your cranky more often than not …something needs to give and it’s not your health or sanity…IT’S TIME TO GET HELP!

5. Feeling Overwhelmed

If you are feeling overwhelmed IN ANY area of your life this means you need a little help. It is amazing how this feeling can quickly disappear.

6. Not having time to do things that are important to you

If you are finding that you don’t seem to have the time to things that are important to you, maybe it’s spending time with kids, or partners. Maybe it’s exercise or cooking dinners. If what is important to you isn’t happening ….Ask for help

7. Your noticing your inner mean girl has a really loud voice…ASK FOR HELP!

Sister think like this…If your best friend or loved one was speaking to herself the way your inner mean girl does you would reach out and help her. You can do that for yourself… PLEASE DO you have permission, it means nothing about who you are except smart because you know you are way more than that voice if trying to convince you of.

The Next step is to ask yourself this one powerful question


Who can I reach out to and ask for help?

There is always someone who is waiting to help. you BUT you must ask (very few people put up their hands to offer, they too are afraid that you will reject them…What a crazy cycle).

Once you start asking for help, it will get easier and more empowering. You will have more energy to spend time with your loved ones and ultimately start creating extra “you” time, feel greater self-worth and confidence.

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Hey, I’m Ang! Leading DreamBuilder coach, Business success mentor, and International best-selling author of The Messy Mum’s Playbook.  My mission is to help women who feel stuck or frustrated get everything they want in life, love, and business in the fastest and easiest way possible