I think we can all agree that no two days are created equal right? Some days we breeze through our days easily making one good choice after another with effortless ease. And then there are the days where it feels like you’re pushing sh*t uphill when it comes to making good choices.

Every day we are presented with choices, some days we totally succeed in making one good choice after another …

And then you have days where you seriously struggle to choose whether you eat nana’s left-over apple crumble for breakfast, I mean it has fruit in it OR do you make that super green pea-based protein shake?

Some days making good choices is easy. Some days it’s just plain hard!

And what’s even worse is when you don’t make good choices on the hard days you also end up feeling crap about your-self and your self-worth takes a nosedive.

And that feeling sucks!

So how do you make good choices on the hard days?

How to make good choices on hard days



1: Check-in on your mindset

You must decide and declare what it is you are wanting. For example, if you are wanting to be stronger, fitter and healthier you must decide that “ I am a strong, fit, sexy, healthy woman”. Declare it out loud daily, heck hourly. Create a mantra or affirmation that empowers you – this will help you make better choices on the hard days.

If you have decided to start your own side hustle, meet the partner of your dreams, go for a new job…Whatever the dreams and goals you have you must decide IT WILL happen.

We have a heap of thoughts every day and many of them were once designed to keep us safe from deadly animals or famine. As we don’t really live in caves nor are most of us in the western world close to famine, these are old thoughts keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams. Check-in on your thoughts and see which ones are holding you back.


2: Plan to succeed

Don’t simply hope that you will succeed in reaching the goals you have decided on, plan for them. Take time to plan your week ahead. Plan how your day/week will look ahead of time to support you physically, mentally and spiritually to meet your goals.
This may mean planning your week’s meals ahead of time, blocking out time in your calendar to study, exercise or spend on your goals. Get up a little earlier to stretch or meditate (or both). Have water and food prepared for the next day. Plan to Succeed.


3: Plan for your triggers

Whilst you want to plan to succeed you also need to plan for your triggers. We all have them, those people, events, places, situations that when they happen to push us off the wagon.

Ask yourself “What are the things that turn up in my life that will throw me off my game and cause me to break my promise to myself?”

These could be certain people in your life that send you reaching for the vodka tonic or the ice-cream. These could be events that when you attend them you feel misaligned with the new version of yourself. This could be a certain time of day when you always reach for the chocolate bar instead of simply getting up, taking a break and grabbing a glass of water.

Take some time to think on who, what, when, where are my triggers that when I face them I am not aligned with the new version of myself. Plan for them.

4: Check-in on your emotional state

Emotions also trigger us and cause us to break those promises to ourselves. For example, when I was having a really crappy mothering day I would always reach for the high sugar treats. So I needed to plan for those times and have a different coping mechanism. Which for me was sitting outside for a minimum of 5 minutes to get myself grounded and also meditation.

Take some time to check-in and ask yourself, “When I’m angry I ______” When I’m sad I _____” “When I’m frustrated or stressed I ____”. Plan for these triggers with different actions you can take in place of the old habits.


5: Get your peeps on board

When we set out to become a better version of ourselves it’s important that we let those around us know and ask them to support us. Sit down with your friends and family those you spend most of your time with and let them know “What” you’re doing what you’re doing and “Why”. Let them know that their support means the world to you.

Here is an example. If you were to give up alcohol you want to be clear with your people why this is important to you – If these people don’t support you in being the best version of you, it’s time that you looked at releasing these people from your circle of influence…With love and grace.

Another example would be when I started my business I needed to create a support network to help me create the extra time I needed to grow and develop myself and my business. For me it was asking my hubby to step up and take on some of the household tasks. Ask for help your worth it!


6: Get into a community of like-minded people

We are the product of the 5 closest people we hang out with. Find a community of people that are growing too. Be part of a community that will help you to grow and keep moving forward, a group to help keep you accountable. Join the Firefly Tribe if you would love to be part of an inspirational community of like-minded sisters.


7: Have a strong WHY

Have a strong “WHY” you are doing what you are doing so that it will bootie kick your butt back into gear on the hard days. You want to be your own source of inspiration, meaning that with your strong why you can create renewed energy and drive that will help you take inspired and aligned action. Know Your Why even write it on your fridge and bathroom mirror to remind you that even though today might be hard THIS, your goal/dream that you are creating MATTERS.

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