Don’t make another New Year’s Resolution that you’ll break, or set a New Year’s goal that you won’t achieve…Instead, Make New Year’s Goals and New Year’s Resolutions that stick!

New Year's resolutions

Imagine with me…The kids have opened their Christmas presents and have already started hounding you for the next thing they “neeed” as you realise that it’s almost that time of the year where you set yourself New Year’s goals and New Year’s resolutions. Determined that this year will be different!

However February rocks by and the goals you set, well, you think they got stuffed away into the darkest corners of your attic along with the Christmas tree, decorations and present you receive from your mother in-law…probably never to see the light of day.

I spent years setting New Year’s goals that never materialised, or set New Year’s resolutions that I’d break like the year I was going to give up chocolate. Seemed easy, I mean all the Christmas treats were gone, but then the kids would be back at school, the days got busier filled with work, homework and shuffling kids here there and everywhere, that I needed chocolate to keep me sane.

Or the year where I decided to start an event planning business because I loved weddings and had loved planning my own. So, of course, I paid a big chunk of money to do a business course…completed one assignment and gave up – event planning, never happened.

However, have no fear and prepare to be as excited as Grandma gets when legs 11 is drawn to complete her bingo card because I have my failproof method for making your New Year’s dreams, goals and resolutions stick.

Here is how to make your New Years Resolutions that stick and Set Goals you’ll achieve

Find time pockets in your day

These pockets may be whilst your kids are eating lunch? Maybe it’s created by waking up 30 minutes earlier (this is where I find my sacred time because the rest of my day is too jam-packed)? Maybe allow your children some extra screen time for 30 minutes a day so that you can have time for you (FYI- this does not make you a bad mum), or perhaps if your kids are younger some outside time with a tin of shaving cream, this was a fav with my kids.

Another trick I have in my Messy Mum’s Playbook is taking a little longer in the bathroom. This little pocket of time gives me space to breathe and ground my energy down so I am prepared for the kid’s craziness.

Point being, look for time pockets throughout your day where you can do something for you. If you’re after some ideas here are 33 self-care activities you can easily put into your day.

Create A Physical Environment that helps you stick to your New Year’s Goals

If you truly want to stick to your New Year’s goals you need to declutter your home, desk, bedroom, car…All the places you stuff your stuff.

It’s hard to feel motivated and stick to your goals when your brain is overwhelmed with all the crap lying around. This means decluttering and cleaning your space, removing all the crap that really is just…there.

Clean out your wardrobe, drawers, fridge, car, makeup bag and handbag of all the garbage and stuff that you don’t use. Make your bed every day. Put your things away immediately like instead of leaving the clothes on the floor to be put away…do it then and there. This helps you step into the energy of achieving, helps you feel already successful.

Taking action towards our goals is so much harder when you are surrounded by mess, chaos and clutter. Every time we look around at this mess we are affirming ourselves of what we lack or fears of not being good enough.

So sister, crank up your favourite tunes, clean your house, de-clutter and make the physical environment you spend most of your time in ordered and inviting for you to be the best you in the moment. And FYI get the kids in on the fun with them de-cluttering their rooms, I do it with mine at the end of every school term.

What can you remove that will make you feel light?
What are 3 things you can surround yourself with to help you feel inspired?

Get Your Body Fueled And Fit To Achieve

Your body and your health are one of the most important things you need to be on top of if you want to be successful this year in sticking to your New Years resolutions and goals. Any new goal you set out to achieve requires energy, right? And unless you have a pre-programmed robot to do it for you, you need to get your body fit.

Move your body for at least 30 minutes a day: Ideas…walk, dance, run, swim, yoga, pilates, lift weights, gym classes, tai chi, cycling, rope jumping, rock climbing. My tip; create a rocking playlist that gets you grooving and inspired or download some kick-butt podcasts and get moving – there are no excuses!

Drink more water – Seriously sister our energy dips and we start to get headachey and overwhelmed often because we are dehydrated. Drink at least 2.5L of water daily and flush your body of toxins. Plus…drinking more water makes decision making easier and has you feeling less tired – drink more water!!

Eat foods to bless your body – Most of us have heard the saying “you are what you eat”. So if you are eating heavy, sugary foods that have you feeling flat, lacking in motivation, confidence and energy you will achieve the same results – flat. Choose fresh foods that show your body you love and respect it. Have foods around you that give you a boost and make you vibrant like a rainbow, instead of foods that put extra stress and pressure on your body. Remember this isn’t about body image, but about eating to have the energy, inspiration and motivation to have the success you want.

Surround Yourself With A Tribe Of People Who Support You

You become like the 5 people you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with people that help you grow and be the best version of yourself, that is what you will become. If your goal this year is to lose weight, start a business, go back to school, get physically stronger or silence your inner critic have a look at who you are surrounding yourself with.

It’s difficult to get the new results you want when you are surrounding yourself with people who are stuck themselves. Instead, surround yourself with like-minded people who are taking the action steps to achieve the same goal as you. Seek out a tribe of sisters and brothers who are already doing all the things you want to be successful. You want to feel inspired and moved to action by those you surround yourself with.

Have A Kick-Arse Morning Routine

How you start your day matters! Think about it, the morning is like your launchpad for the day ahead, so you want to start your day feeling inspired and aligned to the goal you want to achieve. You want to start each day filled with the energy of inspired aligned energy and this happens with a kick-arse morning routine. Shake up your greatness every morning with a routine that sets you up for success. My morning includes meditation, stretching, writing out 5 things I’m grateful for and writing out my dreams as if they have already happened. How you start your day matters more than what you fill it with.

Create Habits That Will Help You Be Successful

Most of the decisions you make daily aren’t conscious decisions instead they are based on what you have done over and over again. For example, an old habit I had was that whenever I felt tired or stressed at the end of the day I would reach out for something sweet – a habit.

The habits you have at the moment will throw you off from achieving your New Year’s resolutions and goals. In my example, if I’m wanting to lose weight it isn’t going to happen with a daily afternoon sugar fix.

Have a look at your habits, are you staying up late night after night watching TV, are you emotionally eating or drinking to numb out the stress of your day. Do you have a habit of getting angry or resentful? These are all choices that we make and unless we create a new habit in their place, we will stay stuck getting the same results.

The awesome news is daily we get to make new choices and the even better news is that over time you will create a new habit. Yay!

Take a little time and write the habits that you currently have that you are loving (the keepers), habits that set you on fire. Maybe you already have a kick-arse morning routine, or you are already a dedicated body mover and shaker. Write them down and you will feel amazing

Next, write down the habits you have that are sabotaging you from feeling great about yourself and reaching your goals. What are the habits you have that are holding you back and feeding your limiting beliefs or fears? From here come up with new actions you can take when you are triggered and overtime with repeating these new actions YOU WILL create habits that see you reaching your goals faster than a teenager texting her friend.

In my case, instead of that yummy Kit Kat hiding in the cupboard, I will have some homemade bliss slice (yuummmmm)

Have A Strong “Why/Reason”

This is a must! Without having a strong why or reason to achieve your New Year’s resolution or goal, fear, procrastination and self-doubt will creep in and before you realise what has happened the wheels have fallen off your wagon.

I love to have my vision/reason and why on my bathroom mirror, pinned to my vision board and I write it every morning in my morning journaling, the more places I can re-tap into my reason and why the more powerfully feminine I feel and the more likely I am to move through my fears.
Take some time to discover your why and reason. One that lights you on fire, not one that your mum or mother-in-law has decided for you.

If you want to make your New Year’s resolution stick, if you want to be successful in your New Year’s goals you must take back your personal power. You get to be whoever you want, you get to chase down any dream you want. You get to live your BEST life and be the best version of YOURSELF!

Go make this year amazing sister – You were meant for more!

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