I know that the whole idea of self-care during school holidays seems about as realistic as one of the Hemsworth brothers knocking at your door offering you a foot massage. However, if you don’t take time for self-care, especially whilst the demands are greater at home with those kiddos wanting you – always, chances are you will slowly start to feel burnt-out and resentful. Here is how to make time for self-care during school holidays.

What is self-care?

how to make self-care during school holidays

What does self-care mean to you? Is it a nightly bubble bath? A long walk in the morning listening to your favourite podcast? Maybe it’s dancing around the house listening to your favourite song?

Self-care means you put yourself first to take care of your energy and emotional state. Self-care is about making time for your own needs so that you can be your best self every day. It can look different for everyone, but it’s a must – especially for all the busy super mums out there during the school holidays!

Also, I totally get that finding time for self-care isn’t the easiest thing, especially when you’re running around taking care of kids. The constant feeding and juggling a lot of other responsibilities…. That’s why today I thought I’d jump over and give you some tips on how to make time for self-care.

How to make time for self-care during school holidays

Find time pockets in your day

These pockets may be whilst your kids are eating lunch? Maybe it’s created by waking up 30 minutes earlier (this is where I find my sacred time because the rest of my day is too jam-packed)? Maybe allow your children some extra screen time for 30 minutes a day so that you can have time for you (FYI- this does not make you a bad mum), or perhaps if your kids are younger some outside time with a tin of shaving cream, this was a fav with my kids.

Another trick I have in my Messy Mum’s Playbook is taking a little longer in the bathroom. This little pocket of time gives me space to breathe and ground my energy down so I am prepared for the kid’s craziness.

Point being, look for time pockets throughout your day where you can do something for you. If you’re after some ideas here are 33 self-care activities you can easily put into your day.

Mother's Day
Be intentional with your time

We’re all guilty of spending a little too much time on our phones when we could be using that time to practice true self-care (my hand is up)! Maybe you’ve gotten in the habit of scrolling through your social feeds in bed for thirty minutes instead of doing something to fill you self-care cup.

Maybe you have restless energy like me and look for things to keep you “busy” (because this makes you feel needed and worthy *ouch*), like re-making the beds because they aren’t up to your standards (Yep, been guilty of that too).

Take some time to look at where you may be throwing away time because if you feel like there is “not enough time”, chances are you’re not being intentional with where you spend it. Also, make sure you put it in your diary, often we have beliefs that if it’s in the diary or on the calendar it’s a “will happen”. And sister, self-care is a “must happen”.

Re-evaluate your what’s important for now

Does your day reflect what’s really important now? What’s important to us changes when we have the kids home from school. Sometimes it takes you having a look at your schedule, writing out all that you’ve got going on in your day for you to realise that maybe today is not the day to be washing your curtains. In other words, some shit can just wait.

Grab yourself a journal where you can connect with your goals daily. This will help you define what you need to be spending your energy on. Maybe madly cleaning the house isn’t going to help you connect and create lasting memories with your kids. That can wait. Check out the Messy Mum’s Playbook for a journal idea.

Boredom helps kids grow

You and I both know that kids seem to get bored quickly. And I’m here to say that’s ok. You are not required to be the fun director every.single.day. Boredom helps your kids use their imaginations or creates a motivation for them to go and find a way to self-occupy.

Annd, when your kiddos do come and nag you about how bored they are (we both know they will) you can always extend the invitation for them to do some of your household jobs. This will quickly help them find something to do, leaving you with a little space for some well-earned self-care.

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