Navigating fear in times of chaos can feel as scary as going to the local grocery store at 6 am in the hope of getting your hands on some precious toilet paper. But just like having a backup plan for “what to use” instead of toilet paper should that day arrive, you want to have a plan for how you will starve fear from making you sick and still live from a place of confidence in a world that feels like it’s in chaos. 

I am not going to lie to you, I am feeling slightly elated. Heck, I am completely in happy dance mode, as I just bought a packet of toilet paper. Not because I am feeding the fear that surrounds us at the moment as we all navigate the coronavirus or because of any impending doomsday thoughts about an apocalypse, but because I really was running low on loo paper and was wondering if the surrounding trees leaves were in danger of becoming… well… a rough alternative. 

The biggest question I think a lot of us are asking ourselves is “Should I be truly worried or in a state of fear?” And the answer is both yes and no. 

Yes, you should have a greater awareness of what’s going on in the world and the health and safety of those you love and yourself. However, getting swept up in the fear is worse. 

Fear will suck the joy from your life and keep you stuck, and only making things worse for you.

Law Of Attraction

Right this moment my sixteen-year-old daughter is living in South Korea where the number of sick people is growing daily at a rate we could only have nightmares about. And the fear that is spreading faster is epic and blows my mind. 

For example, on their TV’s as they watch their normal shows they have an all-day/night long counter in the corner counting the increasing number of those infected. Imagine that, it’s like a ticking impending doom counter. 

This feeds fear and chaos, this energy creates panic where panic may not be present and impacts how we think, our relationships and our personal health.

It’s important that we follow health guidelines and have a plan, but it’s your job to not get caught up and follow the trend of scare ourselves out of living amongst other humans. 

Here are some ideas on how you can navigate fear and chaos whilst living your best life making money, feeling healthy, confident and achieving your goals. 

How to Navigate Fear In Times Of Chaos

Planning is queen.

Have a back-up plan. If I have to self-quarantine or stay home with a loved one, can I organise to work from home? Or set up a plan for if you have to go to work if the kids are sick. Who can you reach out to? Who can stay home with the sick kids? Write out a plan for the worst-case scenario. Planning is queen, when you sit down and create a well thought out plan you feel invincible and become fearlessly unstoppable. 

Starve the fear 

Remove social media from your feed that is negative or feels like it is dragging you down. Stop watching the news – please!. If what you are consuming in the media is fuelling your fear then remove it ASAP. 

Move it!

Move every day to increase inner strength, resilience and ability to process the current environment with a clear perspective. Movement helps to clear your mind and sets you up to be physically strong should you get sick. 

Get your fruit and veg on:

You know that fruit and veg are going to help your immunity system and keep you in the best health to fight off any bugs. Eat the damn fruit and veg! Or as I tell my kids “you don’t have to like it, you just have to eat it.”

Drink and drink and then drink again 

Drink more water. 8 glasses as a minimum. This will help to detoxify and flush out the nasties within making it easier to think clearly during these times of stress. Drink.More.Water. Just do it, Sister! 

Get Sleep

You know that burning the candle at both ends means it’s harder to deal with stress. Not to mention it lowers your immune system. Get to bed at a time that allows you to get at least 7-8 hours sleep a night. Make this a priority instead of watching Netflix or doing the ironing or what-ever thing you do that prevents you from going to bed.

Blessing Waterfall 

Immerse yourself in a couple of minutes of intentionally finding the blessing in the day. Gratitude creates a waterfall of peace and helps you get unstuck from the thoughts that are creating the anxiety within.

Create a Community 

Be the light for your friends and family. Gather your friends around for brunch, lunch or high tea. Do things with others that light you up and create an energy of love and upliftment. Obviously you aren’t going to invite your sick cousin Joanne, nor are you going to invite the snooty kid from down the road. But invite your friends, get them out of their solitude and create some joy, instead of them sitting alone in their fear of the unknown. 

I honestly believe in the power that a community creates for each other in times when fear and chaos seems to be spreading. If we can lift each other up, we become warriors and change-makers.

A little tough love…There is no magic pill or app to help you navigate or pause the fear and chaos that is spreading worldwide. It’s on you. It’s on you to take back control of your own thoughts, feelings and actions. So spread love, be the light and look after your body and mind to be the best protected and strongest you as you navigate this current world chaos and challenges.

Make sure you do things to renew, restore and lift you up mind, body and soul. Sending you love, good vibes and belief in you. I  know that you are strong enough and able to navigate whatever gets thrown at you next. I’m standing alongside you as a mum, as a friend and co-creator in full navigation mode – Ang x

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