Have you ever been smack bang in the middle of a season where no matter where you turn it feels like you can’t seem to do anything right? I feel you. I myself over the last two and a bit years had my fair share of low self-esteem moments, that is why I wanted to shed some light on how to nurture your self-esteem.

Before we do I think it’s important to note that everybody at some point in their lives has moments where they have low self-esteem. ​​ I am pretty sure that if I were to ask everyone I knew if there was a least one thing they would change about themselves or one thing they wish they were better at. I can 99% guarantee that I would get a resounding “yes!”.

Having moments and seasons of low self-esteem is a totally normal human experience. It doesn’t mean you’re broken or that there is anything wrong with you. So…how can you nurture your self-esteem. Here is how…

How to nurture your self-esteem

Look after your physical body

Most commonly our self-esteem takes a hit when our bodies are under stress. Stress from lack of sleep, not getting enough movement, not keeping ourselves hydrated or eating properly.

Yes, take the walk or go to the gym, eat the veggies and drink the water and get a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Do more of the things that you are already good at and enjoy

When we do more of the things we are already good at we build up internal confidence and experience a rush of feel-good feelings and thoughts. This helps motivate us to try new things and helps us to feel good about ourselves.

So do more of the things you enjoy and you will notice your self-esteem will increase along with your confidence and before long you will feel better about trying “new” things (even those things that scare the pants off you)

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Swap out your thoughts

Look I love myself a good set of positive affirmations however often when my self-esteem is low no amount of affirming I am awesome works. When you find yourself in this state try to not leap into a positive thought but instead think a neutral thought. A thought that acknowledges you for how you are feeling in the moment but doesn’t reinforce the inner critic within. These types of thoughts aren’t positive or negative but allow us to acknowledge how we are feeling whilst also stating facts.

Here are some examples:

“I am doing the best I can with what I have got available to me”

“Everyday I am getting better and better”

“ There are parts of my body I don’t like, and other parts of my body I do”

“There are some things I am not great at but other things that I am”When it comes to self-esteem it will come in ebbs and flows.


The idea isn’t to ignore how you feel but instead to acknowledge your emotions and gently shift how you feel on the inside to start affecting what happens around you.

And what I have discovered is that when we look after our body, mind and soul – life looks after us.

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