Feeling on top of the world? Your bright, beaming feel good vibes, feeling so amazing! It’s easy to feel great when the star, moon and planets all feel like they are aligned, however knowing how to protect your vibe from negativity when you’re challenged and things aren’t going your way is also super important. And if you’re anything like me your life some days feels like a balancing act.

So let’s discover how to protect those vibes of yours from negativity so that you can be your best self.

5 Ways To Protect Your Vibe From Negativity

Protect your vibe from negativity


1. Let go of things that are out of your control

Allowing yourself to let go of the things which are out of your control is a key step in protecting your vibe from negativity. Focus instead on what is in your reach, you will find yourself less stressed with daily troubles. Like being stuck in never-ending lanes of traffic on your way to work – you can’t control the traffic but you can crank up your favourite tunes and sing your heart out Celine Dion.

Through this mindset shift, negative vibes will lessen and you will not only protect your positivity, but also brighten it incredibly.


2. Avoid comparing yourself to others

Calculating your self worth based upon a measurement of another is an exhausting and unneeded process. Instead of placing others on a pedestal and comparing yourself to their achievements, allow yourself to realise your own accomplishments and see yourself for how you truly are. Practicing this in your everyday life will improve your perception of yourself in a positive manner. 

So go! It’s time to finally see yourself for the amazing, confident person that you are!


3. Indulge in some much deserved you-time

In order to protect and maintain your glowing vibes, you must make time for yourself. For many this seems close to impossible – what, with work commitments, not to mention the stacks of chores that seem to be piling up, it can feel like all consuming and energy zapping…. But being this busy only urges you to take a break. Even if it’s just for a walk listening to your favourite tunes, or opening that book you’ve been meaning to (for who knows how long!).

This will protect you from negativity invading your vibes.


4. A little more kindness, and a little less judgement

Showing a little more kindness to yourself and others in unexpected ways is so so important when protecting your glittering vibes.

Choosing to act with kindness everyday dissolves negativity easily and quickly eliminates judgement of others & yourself – which is key to creating a happier, healthier YOU! 


Protecting your vibes


5. Spend more time with people who enhance your vibes!

Spending time with people who add to your upbeat, cheerful persona will enhance your already beaming vibes 10 fold. In this way, you are protecting your rays of light from being darkened out by negativity.

Finding friends, family and loved ones who appreciate you and what you stand for is integral to pursuing a life of happiness and love.

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