What if every time you felt fear bubble up from your tummy it meant that you were on the cusp of greatness? That you were ripe to shift from fear to bravery and greatness? 

None of us are strangers to fear. Fear that we will cock something up that’s important to us like a relationship, new diet or business venture. Fear that if we really embraced our truest nature of who we are and embraced our gifts that we would be judged harshly by friends, family and peers. 

Fear is our body’s natural coping mechanism designed to keep us safe and alive. Notice I didn’t say that fear was designed to keep you happy and deeply fulfilled. 

No, that is a different energy. That is bravery

Bravery is what it takes to notice the inner voice of fear and her protection. Thanking her, loving her and guiding her gently into the back seat where should she choose, she can watch you rise to greatness but not drive you away from its manifestation. 

So what can we do when fear is driving you and holding you back from the life of greatness, happiness and deep fulfilment you were meant to feel? Here are a couple of ideas to try on. 

How to shift from fear to bravery and greatness. 


How to Shift from Fear to Bravery and Greatness


Shift from fear to bravery and greatness.

Take notice

I often think of fear like that helicopter parent you see at the local park. Constantly hovering over little Johnnie. When fear rises up from within notice she is with you. Imagine your looking her in the eye with a giant smile and say “thanks, love ya I’m all good”. 

Just like that parent she simply needs to know you’re ok.


Make an appointment

One of my first mentors taught me that we have the ability to pause fear. What this means is that when you’re in the pursuit of a goal or dreams manifestation and fear comes riding in on her white horse called “saviour” you make a date to speak with her later. 

For example, let’s pretend it’s Monday and you’re down right scared out of your mind about a job interview you have later in the day. Well, you would grab your diary schedule in a time for Wednesday when you will let fear have her way with you. In between that time you will remind her that she has an appointment booked, you will hold your head high and give the job interview your best.

Anything is possible when we don’t allow fear to rule. 



Get uncomfortable more often

Have you ever heard the phrase “dance with fear”?. I kind of like the idea. The more we dance with fear the less scary she appears. The less control she has over us. 

So practice getting uncomfortable daily for a week. I mean do something that freaks you out, that is mighty scary (without causing harm to you or others) and feel how your bravery muscles strengthen. It’s simply the best feeling when you learn to master fear and shift from fear to bravery and greatness.

Go forth sister and create your own version of great.

Dance with happiness

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