Let’s just say it like it is…isolation was fun for a bit. Having a week off work like a surprise holiday was exciting. But now…Anxiety levels are rising and the fear of the unknown is knocking loudly at the door. How to stay positive in times of high anxiety. 

Sitting on my lounge staring out the window whilst listening to my kids arguing in the next room, husband working in the spare room and…My mother living with us, the anxiety in these times of isolation kind of reminds me of a cheetah. 

One moment you’re feeling fine doing your thing when suddenly out of nowhere it pounces and takes over. You want to vomit, cry and hide in a hole hoping it will disappear. 

Then other days you open your eyes check out the clock next to your bed and it’s only 2:15 am and you…Are freaking out. 

We all cope with anxiety in different ways. Some drink, some eat their feelings others get angry and all of that’s ok for a day or so. Your feelings are valid. However, at some point, it’s time to slow down your runaway feelings train and take back control. 

How to stay positive in times of high anxiety

stay positive

Find Certainty

Lack of certainty is was freaks us out the most and sets off our anxiety levels. In uncertain times have a routine that doesn’t change like making your bed, getting showered and putting on clothes even when your not leaving the house. Start a morning routine to build certainty. 

I also love to look around for things that I am certain of. My kids, my fur babies, my bed, even the sun rising and setting. When the tidal wave of anxiety starts to overwhelm you, take a moment to pause and look around at what you’ve can be certain of. 

Start a journal

Write out your thoughts and feelings. What I know to be true is that when we keep all our thoughts and feelings bottled up within they become toxic and rob us of our health and happiness. 

Take time at the end of the day to write how your feeling, What’s stressing you? Who you can ask for help and also what you’re dreams and goals are. Even in challenging times, our dreams still matter and we can still take steps towards achieving our goals. 

Bring to light all the thoughts holding you back by writing them down, This helps you find the balance you crave when in times of high anxiety.

Start a breathing practice. 

I love meditation it has saved me from my self and my toxic thoughts more times than I can count. And it doesn’t need to be hard. Meditation can be made easy and doesn’t always have to involve sitting on a cushion with your legs crossed. 

When you are washing your hands you can make this a deliberate time to breathe, ask for guidance and create ease in your body (you can download a free creating tease meditation here)

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