Sometimes you can forget just how unique you are and how to stop comparing yourself to others.

I know. I’ve been there. Comparison is is a trap I’m familiar with.

Everyone has a unique family, unique energy codes and unique past that has shaped them. Not one of us will be fulfilled by the exact same things.There is no way to compare and contrast lives, bodies and accomplishments.

Do you see how crazy it is to measure yourself up to someone else?

But how do you stop comparing yourself to others? Everyone is doing it and encouraging it all the time.

Here’s the steps I’ve taken that work for me:


How to stop comparing yourself to others

Look inwards to stop comparing yourself to others:

.The first step is to stop comparing yourself to others is to turn your attention inwards. Notice how you are feeling, physically and emotionally. Take the time to slow down and actually listen to your heart’s desires. Find out what YOU really want. In every moment and every circumstance, what do you want? If you were not trying to please anyone or be “the best”, what would you actually want?

Continue to tune back in and ask yourself:

If you were owning your truth and being the fullest expression of who you are, what would you truly want to do and enjoy in this moment?

Allow this practice to peel away the layers of conditioning and levels of fear. This simple self-study is the first step to accessing your Dreams of Success. This honesty will improve all of your relationships. This awareness will help you release unwanted habits and heal. This is is the first step in tapping into your power to MANIFEST YOUR DEEPEST DESIRES.

Because the first step in becoming a powerful manifestor IS knowing what you truly desire, listening to yourself and releasing the idea of comparing or judging yourself.

Learning how to change your state of mind:

The second step in how to stop comparing yourself to others is learning to shift your emotions and energy into alignment – or how to change your state of mind. Learning how to shift your emotional state with ease is the key so you can manifest healing, money and success from a place of ease. Emotions create energy which affects our thoughts, behaviours, actions and our success!

This is the energy of a true DreamBuilder

This is the energy that you deserve to live and play in daily

This is the energy that your family deserves to live and play in daily

This is the energy of wealth, freedom, love and true success

When you have this beautiful honest relationship with yourself and can tune into your true authentic desires and feelings in any moment, then you are able to start creating your reality. Easily and effortlessly you can draw your dreams into fruition as if by magic.

Without working hard, pushing or forcing you can RECEIVE.

Receive more love and connection.

Receive more money and abundance.

Receive energy, clarity and body confidence. 

I would love to hear from you, what do you truly want and desires in this moment. I KNOW that you can manifest them. I see you shining! 


Your next step in how to stop comparing yourself to others:

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Hey, I’m Ang! Leading DreamBuilder coach, Business success mentor, and International best-selling author of The Messy Mum’s Playbook.  My mission is to help women who feel stuck or frustrated get everything they want in life, love, and business in the fastest and easiest way possible