To know how to stop doubting yourself we first need to understand what self-doubt feels like and looks like. Self-doubt can literally derail you from reaching your goals before you even hit the ground running.

Doubt is that feeling that hits you like a brick of overwhelm or creeps up like a thick fog over time. Either way, hands down self-doubt is one of the major dream killers within nearly all women who are pursuing a dream that matters.

For me, self-doubt has plagued me for as long as I remember. Thoughts of “Am I good enough” and doubting my enoughness have been part of my own personal growth journey. I’d go to study something or create something and before I’d even get started, BAM doubt would knock me sideways. I’m sure you can relate. It’s why I’m so passionate to help you, shift through your doubts because I know on the other side is EVERYTHING you want and desire.


The point is doubt is always going to be present in life. It’s our brain’s self-defence mechanism to keep us safe and unharmed. It’s our human default setting just like that of a computer.

Everybody has the same default system. The difference is those that uplevel and move forward know how to overcome the setting.

Now it’s your turn to know how to stop doubting yourself too

How to stop doubting yourself

1. Stop avoiding your self-doubt. 

Have you ever tried avoiding someone and in doing so you seem to see them everywhere?. Doubt is the same, the more you avoid it the more present it is and the more you will believe it.

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2. Take courageous brave action

When you decide that you are going to stop doubting yourself you will be asked to take courageous brave action. You will be asked to step outside your comfort zone that doubt has kept you in. To do this know “why” you want the outcome you are striving to create. Make your why bigger than any excuses your mind can come up with. Tap into the feelings and energy of your why. Make your mission bigger than your bs.


3. Decide you will take action. 

Here’s the truth, self-doubt will never disappear, remember it’s your human default setting but you can install new programming to help override it. What that looks like is taking scary action steps with self-doubt firmly placed in the back seat. It means challenging your thoughts, seeing them for what they are and consciously changing them. To do this I love to use affirmations, hypnosis and subliminal when reprogramming my mind during this process. Every program I create has these crucial elements because I know that unless you challenge your doubts aka thoughts and beliefs that doubt throws at you, making change is really hard.

Remember this, self-doubt can only hold you back if you let it and… you have the strength within you to make your dreams and goals your reality.

how to stop doubting yourself

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