Ever had those “wish I knew then what I knew now” moments? I laugh because the voice inside my head is screaming yyyeeeess. One of these moments for me was how to stop limiting beliefs, because if I knew then what I knew now, gosh things would be different.

Growing up as a child I believed that the only way to be loved was to be perfect. In fact, I can pinpoint the first time I picked up this limiting belief. I was 4 years old, my little brother was one year old and I was desperately trying to seeking the love and attention from my father.

Obviously, my Dad was busy working and now he had two kids to come home to at the end of his workday.  My baby brother required a little more attention (he was one! – Duh), but my four-year-old brain didn’t understand this, she just knew that things had changed.

The day I created my first limiting belief

The day I created my first limiting belief is so clear in my mind. I had just painstakingly coloured in a picture for my Dad and with a spring in my step, I presented it to him…“Next time try to stay in between the lines” said Dad. From that moment I decided that I needed to be perfect to be loved…Installation of limiting belief complete!

Fast forward 20 years, 30years, this belief stuck. I believed that to be loved I needed to have the perfect body, so I would diet and push myself harder at the gym. To be accepted in my career I had to be perfect at everything so I wouldn’t put my hand up for promotions or job opportunities. To be the best mum I had to be perfect, make the perfect meals, have the perfect house, the cleanest house…I could keep going however I think you get it. Right?

But this belief I had adopted didn’t help me live my best life. Instead, it prevented me from truly loving with an open heart and also had me attracting some pretty bad relationships. I missed out on career opportunities and this need to be perfect stopped me from experiencing the joy of motherhood.

However, sister the good news is that any of the limiting beliefs you have or block that is preventing you from living a life you desire can be changed! Sing Hallelujah!!

What is a limiting belief

limiting belliefs

Limiting beliefs or blocks are the things you believe that have held you back and prevented you from living the life you desire most. We pick them up along our life’s journey, sometimes from our parents or family, from watching others fail or succeed, school, culture, tv and our environment. Within the first 7 years of our life, we are sponges on legs absorbing beliefs that empower us and beliefs that hold us back, but they can be changed.

“A belief is a choice and a choice can be changed” – Marie Forleo

The only thing that determines what you can be, do, have or give in your lifetime is what you choose to believe about yourself, others and the world around you.

How to stop limiting beliefs in 3 easy steps

STEP #1: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Write down, meditate or vision what you would love for your ‘bestest’ most ideal life to look like?

For a moment, imagine a life you’d love. Where are you living? What is your workday like? What are you doing? Imagine/vision that life.
Now, write down the limiting beliefs you have that are not in alignment with the beliefs of your dream life. Those thoughts that you are which are holding you back from taking the steps you need to make the changes you want. Download here a free visualisation success tool kit

STEP #2: Replace Your Limiting Beliefs with Empowered Ones

In order to rise above your and stop your limiting beliefs is by shifting your perspective or as I like to think of it “take back my power”.

Grab a different coloured pen and cross each one of those sucky limiting beliefs off and write a new belief in it’s place. Imagine you’re in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson. He strikes out with a limiting belief and you counterpunch his “BS” with a more empowering belief.

What would your best self write down as your beliefs? How would the “Self” you see living your dreams, achieving your goals and loving life feeling confident and fulfilled approach the steps to achieving your dreams? This is key to the dream building the life you desire most.

Two of my favourite new beliefs are:

◻️ “The more me I am the more perfect I become”

◻️ “I am strong, powerful and able to achieve anything…Let’s do this”

STEP #3: Own your new belief and put it on repeat

Stick your empowering beliefs EVERYWHERE. Put them on sticky notes on your computer, desk or car sun visor. Write them on your mirrors or fridge doors with whiteboard markers, write them in your journal every morning as an awesome motivational start to your day. Turn them into affirmations and say them out loud twice a day and be proud – You sister, are Shaking Up Your Greatness!

A little note: Diving deep to stop limiting beliefs takes practice however, like all things that light our soul and hearts on fire, are totally worth the time.

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