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Today take back your personal power and stop worrying about what others think of you! Your life is too short to waste your precious time and energy on worrying about the opinions of others. However, at the same time, it sometimes feels much easier said than done. – Right?

Growing up was hard, constantly under the pressure of worrying about what other teenagers thought of you (as an adult that seems ridiculous because they were teenagers!). Skip through to today, worrying about what others think of you at mothers group and school playgrounds sends chills down my spine. The energy I spent worrying about what other mums thought of my breastfeeding skills (or, as was my experience with my firstborn, a lack of) to worrying about whether I fit in around the other mums who appeared to have their life altogether – exhausting.

Even now, navigating your way through parenting the teen years, smiling and holding onto your personal power through an era where you are judged on a post you put up on social media or what lands in your grocery trolley – Yes Megan I do love peanut butter – a.lot.

What does worrying sound like?

The voice of worry in my own head, women I work with and those I hear as I wait for my soy cappuccino, worrying sounds like…

“They’ll think I’m too fat”
“If I speak up they might think I’m stupid”
“They’ll just laugh at me”
“They’ll talk about how I don’t fit in”
“They’ll laugh about what I’m wearing”

And let’s face it, you can have all those thoughts by just scrolling through Insta or Facebook. But every time you step out of your body to worry about what you and your life look like through the eyes of someone else, you are giving away your personal power. Eventually, many of us shut ourselves off from receiving opportunities and love or experiencing the joy and happiness available to us in the moment.

“People are thinking a lot less about you than they are thinking about what you think about them” – screwed up…right?

How to stop worrying about what others think of you and take back your personal power?

Step One: Notice When You’re Worrying About What Others Think

I know that this seems simple, however, we get stuck in habits that we don’t even recognise. When you notice that you are worrying about what others think of you – stop, take a step back from thinking and start taking some mindful breaths to help you ground your energy back into your body – Your place of power.

I like to say to Firefly DreamBuilders “keep taking conscious deep breaths up until you notice your shoes and feet. That’s when you are in your power and greatness.”

Step Two: Challenge Your Thoughts. Ask Yourself – Is This True?

Do you know that they think this about you? Do they really think you’re stupid or fat or anything? Have they said this to you? We let our minds run away with stories and situations that we ourselves create. If nobody has come up and tapped you on the shoulder and said “You’re stupid” then let it go by moving to step three.

If someone does tell you you’re stupid, punch them in the face (metaphorically speaking), don’t let others hold you back from enjoying your life YOUR WAY. People’s opinions of you shouldn’t be a reason that holds you back – even when you sleep in the same bed as them.

personal power

Step Three: Use Positive Self-Talk To Move You Beyond The Worry

How we speak to ourselves holds greater influence over our thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours than what others say. When we learn to speak kindly to ourselves and use powerful sexy language we become truly unstoppable and our lives become happier and more fulfilling.

Instead of saying things like “I’m stupid” or “I’m too fat” or “Things never work out for me” which makes you feel like crap, start affirming positive statements to yourself like “I can learn anything, and it gets to be easy”, “I choose to follow my dreams”, “ I am exactly where I am meant to be”, “I am in the best body for me”.

I know this feels weird and perhaps challenging, however, your whole world will open up when you start speaking kindly and lovingly to yourself and you won’t worry about what others think anymore because you’re too busy living your best life – You can do it!

I know that worrying about others and what they think is easy to do, I think it’s almost expected – but what if it wasn’t? Imagine a world where our kids didn’t feel they needed to try to change to fit in nor did they let the opinions of others get in their way to living to their truest potential – Empowered

Wish you had more love, greater ease and better boundaries in your life?

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