There has been a gush of change over the last two years. And with this change, you are now being called to call in your energy and turn on your magnetic presence in order to receive all it is you want.

Ever seen that person online who seems to ooze magnetism or that woman who walks into a room and everyone notices her. Not because she is doing anything drastic to stand out but because of the energy she brings to the room?

What makes her special? What is it that makes her impossible to notice?.

Well, it’s not a magic spell I’m happy to say because you too can create this magnetism so that you get what you want. Today you will discover how to turn on your magnetism so that you instantly start attracting what you want. Whether that is to be seen and heard in your relationships. If it’s to call in more clients and customers in your business, attract a greater flow of abundance or attract that soul mate into your life. It’s all starts with turning on your magnetic presence and here is how.

How to turn on your magnetic presence


Give yourself permission

Being magnetic starts with giving yourself permission to do all you want and by giving yourself validation for all you have achieved and succeeded at. See all the ways you have overcome challenges and risen up into your truest potential. And acknowledge the successes you have had both big small and all in between.

magnetic presence

Stand tall

How we stand affects how we feel. And to be magnetic is to stand in your power. Practice standing taller, roll your shoulders back and raise your chin. Remember you are amazing and gorgeous exactly as you are.

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Love yourself more

The most magnetic force of all is love. Love attracts love, peace and abundance. All things flow through the love of self. When we step into love for ourselves we activate a potently high frequency of attraction of all things we desire to us. Here are 5 ways you can love yourself more

Choose You

At the end of it all you first have to decide in your own worthiness, in your ultimate success even without knowing how it will be done. You must choose to believe more in your abilities to succeed more than any limitations your mind may try to conceive. You must be willing to look and feel beyond any fear either your own fear or those projected onto you from others. You must choose to back yourself.

magnetic presence

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