This one goes out to all my fellow mums and sisters who still feel like they are stuck holding onto emotions or pain from the past. Knowing how to let go of the past can feel hard and knowing how to get started harder.

So you’ve got another busy day ahead juggling everything at once and your heart feels heavy from the weight of past pains or unresolved emotions.

You ask a friend, sister or co-worker for advice and they tell you to ‘let it go’, ‘let go of the past and move on’.

But it doesn’t feel as easy as that. Perhaps your heart was shattered and now you don’t trust your own judgment any more.

Maybe you’ve had a hard week with work, kids or both and you’re too tired.

Or perhaps you don’t truly know why you feel like crap and all hot under the collar but inside you have an emotional shit storm brewing that has the potential to rival any two-year-old’s temper tantrum.

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Letting go of the past, past heartbreaks, pains and arguments can sometimes feel impossible. Not to mention the tenacity and defending persistence of our inner mean girls’ voice listing off all the reasons we are not good enough.

With all this going on inside ourselves is it no wonder we turn to wine, ice-cream or Netflix to numb our minds and thoughts.

That was then this is now.

Here is a method I love to use myself, to help me when I am trapped in an exhausting and emotional cycle of holding onto the past. It always helps me change my mindset and makes me feel instantly lighter and free.

How to let go of the past

1. Have a rant

Go to your room or even the car and allow yourself space and time to have a full-on rant.

Grab a pen and journal and write out everything. Remember no one is hearing this or reading what you wrote so go to town. Let out all the emotions and feel all the feels.

A personal favourite of mine is to write each thought on a piece of toilet paper and flush each away to be with all the other crap. Good riddance.

2. Take time to decide how you want to feel moving forward.

You have the choice to take back your personal power and claim your feelings. How would you prefer to feel right now? And what activities help you feel like that?

3. Ground Yourself

This step helps you come back to your body and ground down all that energy.

Place your hand on your heart and say “ I am safe, I am whole, I have control…I choose to feel… (insert how you choose to feel)

4. Forgiveness

Forgive the other person or even yourself for the past. This step sets you free. This technique never fails to help you feel calm within and quieten down your internal voice of fear.

Now it’s your turn to let go of the past and step into living your best life healthy, loved and fulfilled.

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