So you’ve placed your order to the universe, and it probably sounded something like “I want ____” and for a brief moment you feel excitement tingle through your veins. Elation as you imagine it becoming your reality and then BAM. One of the most common abundance blocks force you to stop or trip over graze your knee (metaphorically) and give up. 

We have all fallen down. We have all given up however when you know the most common abundance blocks that will present themselves (and they do every time) you can become the best hurdler, side stepper … dancer within your own life and easily move through or around them. 

This means that they won’t hold you back because you know that they are simply a little bump in road , keeping life interesting. 

Think of abundance blocks as the universe and life playing with you to keep you dancing on your toes. 

So, in order to dance you need to know the steps right? I have gathered the most common abundance blocks below so that you will see them for what they are and gracefully move through or around them to realise your dreams and goals.

The Most Common Abundance Blocks

Abundance blocks


Your Self-Image

Limiting Beliefs



The Health of Your Body

Your Environment

Your Closest Relationships

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