Let’s be honest, navigating disappointment can be as enjoyable as sucking a lemon when you were expecting sweet cake. And as I write this, I am navigating the murky waters of my own disappointment.

But what if we could use that disappointment to help us? Help us become more trusting in our higher self, God, Universe or spirit? No matter the name you give that reflective all-knowing feeling, what if the disappointment was for our benefit?

For example, you set out to go to your hot yoga class – the one that’s super hardcore – only to discover your normal “I’m going to make you hurt” teacher is off sick and her replacement is more “let’s have a gentle flow” kinda girl.

Or the time you spent a fortune at the hairdressers getting your hair done, laid down your credit card for some fancy underwear for your romantic weekend away and… your partner sprains his back so the weekend turns into triage.

Or what if you have been using ALL the manifesting tools – journaling, showing gratitude, meditating, heck, even your vision board is a magical sight to behold?

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How to Cope with Disappointment

How do you move through the emotions and navigate your way through disappointment so you pop out the other side stronger and better than before?

For me, it’s a practice of practising I’m the third person. I’m looking down on the situation and taking any possible good from it I can find.

For example:

  • Easy yoga was obviously what my body needed that I didn’t know.

  • My dream is not yet manifesting because a better manifestation than I could have thought up is on its way.

  • The weekend away allowed us to have time to simply enjoy each other’s company and have those deep chats and these chats are going to help you become stronger as a team.

Throughout all my disappointments – and some have been huge – I have always given myself the space to find the good that could unfold. This helps me get out of my own way and allows that bigger presence to do its thing. And, you know what, it always ends up being for the best.

A Tool to Navigate Through Your Disappointment

Step One: Write down what has happened that has you upset and disappointed.

Get it all out. Writing helps you ground the energy and find clarity. Keeping it locked up in your head only makes you feel worse.

Now you’ve written it down what possible good could come from this? Write EVERYTHING, even if it seems completely ludicrous.​

Step Two: Ask for guidance

Now close your eyes, take a couple of deep relaxing breaths and ask yourself:
What am I to learn? What is the positive I can take with me from this?

Asking these questions from a place of being relaxed will help you tap into your intuition.

Thank the guidance you receive and trust. Trust yourself.

Trust the guidance and practice this affirmation:
“Everything is always working out for me.”

Say it repeatedly until you feel the energy shift, your shoulders relax and your heart accepts the belief.

What I’ve discovered over and over again is that disappointments ALWAYS have a silver lining or rainbow on the other side. You have to choose to change its meaning. You get to choose the narrative where every disappointment empowers you instead of drowns you and prevents you from living your best life.

Your Turn

What is going on in your life that you can rewrite as a new empowering story for yourself? Write out this new story. What guidance do you receive from your intuition?

Practise the technique whenever you feel stuck in disappointment.

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