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It's time to ignite YOUR DESTINY

 be seen, Be heard and appreciated

Manifest the life you want by gently guiding your emotions and feminine energy to create the reality you desire.

There is no question that we are living in intense times - life is getting faster leaving most us women feeling burnt-out, anxious and time poor.

For those of us who are sensitive to the energy and feelings of others, it can be challenging to face our life demands and ever changing circumstances from a place of confidence, self-love and trust.

Not knowing how to connect back in with your Powerfully Feminine could be the ONE reason you are not manifesting and living the life you want.

Powerfully Feminine

 Created for the woman (like You!) who is ready to end the vicious cycle of self-doubt, stress and not measuring up, so you can finally feel confident, be seen and energetically protected 

Powerfully Feminine

A Proven and Powerful Self-Study Course Designed Just For You...

The woman who wants more Inner certainty and freedom in every area of your life including Her career, money and love.

This program is for you if...

* Lacking time, space and energy to connect with your intuition

* Feeling anxious, afraid, stressed and burnt-out

* Don't remember how to hear or trust your inner voice of intuition 

* Stuck in self-doubt and ts affecting your work and relationships

* Allowing others to influence and dictate your choices


Hey gorgeous I'm Ang,

Rule breaker, mum hustler, author and your Powerfully Feminine guide.

I once found myself stuck in a vicious cycle where I doubted my abilities to achieve my goals. My self-worth was at such an all time low that without knowing I started to sabotage my marriage and friendships.

What saved me from myself was learning how to connect back in with my powerfully feminine. Tap back into my higher self and inner guide who knows the next step, isn't afraid to be seen and is magnetic to her desires. 

If you too are stuck on your own version of self-doubt or low self-worth - it's not your fault. We are living in a very masculine world that is fast paced and made for man.

That why this is the most important work you can do for yourself and your family. 

You aren't investing in just you with this Powerfully Feminine course...You are investing in the future of those you love most, because they are looking to you to be their leader.



✔️ Breakthrough Energy Meditations to bring you into total vibrational alignment with your desires and purpose 


✔️ High frequency formula to call in your dreams and release the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck

✔️ Energetically charged journal prompts and audios to get you feeling comfortable in your skin and confident to achieve and receive greater positive attention, money and success.

✔️ Simple techniques to help you generate more passion, purpose and clarity  so that you reach goals faster & simpler.

 ✔️  Powerful language training to help you speak with confidence and set more loving boundaries (no more feeling used).


✔️ Easy recipes to keep you feeling energised throughout your busy day, glowing and vibrant in your skin

All available in a secret FaceBook Membership Portal for you to watch, listen and download  ANYWHERE, ANYTIME 

You only need 5 minutes a day to change your life and start manifesting ALL you desire 

Plus to make it simpler and easier for you to implement I created short videos you can watch while brushing your teeth and..Audios for you to listen to when waiting at school pick up or doing the grocery shopping.

But what if it doesn't work?

Hundreds of woman have used these techniques worldwide and all have them have felt amazing changes in their bodies, energy levels, spiritual connection and head space. 


  ✔️ Strengthening Self Awareness

✔️ Overcoming fears and doubts when dating

 ✔️ Feeling seen in the family home by their loved ones (instead of feeling like the taxi driver/housekeeper and general she who does all!)

 ✔️ Creating renewed energy to spend with family at the end of their long work days

 ✔️ Losing 10 kg in 6 months

  ✔️ Re-igniting their old self sparkle

How do I access the trainings?

All of the trainings are found in a private FaceBook membership portal, so that you have all the techniques at hand wherever you are. PLUS you never lose access to this highly powerful course. It's yours to keep, it never expires.  😉

Ready? Ready to feel energetically aligned and balanced

If you are ready to stop struggling, tired of the uncertainty, constant second guessing and worry - This Powerfully Feminine Program is for you.

This is the MOST POWERFUL, self love course out there and you only takes 5 minutes a day to start experiencing greater freedom,  peace and clarity.

Join now because we both know that the most successful women are those who take action and get RESULTS.

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